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The Monk Guild

Shaojin, our somewhat chaotic and wantantly fruity brother, was the one. He decided, much to the dismay of the other bretheren that if you opened yourself to attack (breaking the third rule of the docturine), and mustered a large pool of Chi, the monk could make contact with the non-believer and let the full force of his Chi summation flow into them.
With specific skills honed to high level in your favour, large amounts of attacks in a combat round can be achieved. Chihaste is the summation of fast highly charged super-combat.
Sick of monsters jibbing him about his lack of hair, and what he considered good looks, Narth decided it's about time he got his own back. That day he picked in the nearest gnome (who everyone knows are ugly anyway), who made fun of him. He lept forward and using the deadly forked eye punch, poked it in the eyes! Well you could imagine the effect, The poor gnome was blind for minutes. "Serves 'im right!", reposnded Narth when asked about it later.
In a vision of fish, smoking pipes and green leaves, Shrew felt she had aquired by some greater divinity the power to persuade the aggressive part of another beings will. She ran straight out to the Grik to try his new found knowledge, and promptly died. Not to be put off by this, and several deaths later she finally honed the ability of persuade.
Being a little on podgey side, Mordor found that he often got really knackered quickly. Drinking himself into a stupor didn't seem to help that much either. "Something just *has* to be done about this!", he proclaimed one day. "If only those darn opponents would just stop for 5 mins to let me get me breath back, I'd be laughing", he thought to himself. The proverbial lightbulb, well okay lantern, appeared above his head. A few days later and a lot of reading of the old parchments and a little creativity subdue was born, and Mordor got his rest, but his stomach never did!
One day whilst in a deep session of Tai Chi Chuan, Flint was distracted by one of the brethren, to whom he waved to. The net result was quite shocking - especially for the fellow monk, a small newbie monk at the time called Arcus. Apparently a huge blast of Flints Ch'i energy had been redirected towards poor old Arcus who ended up bed ridden for three days. Although it took a while to re-create the accident, after finding and honing the technique, Flint had created a powerful way of doing damage to the non-believers.
A strong and quick-minded monk, not content with the doctrines of out-of-set kicks and punches, decided that something needed inventing. Digging into the old parchments of the eldar monks, Jazz found a section in the Eight Strands of the Brocade about Chi centres. With quick-witted brilliance he converted an assault on these centres into a lethal art.
Butterfly Kick
Seahorse Kick
Sparrow-Hawk Kick
Tiger Kick
Shark Kick
Flying Fox Kick
Elephant Roundhouse Kick
Flying Death Spin Kick
Cow Punch
Bear Punch
Praying Mantis Punch
Swan Punch
Viper Punch
Leopard Punch
Tiger Roundhouse Punch
Death Uppercut Punch

"It's all gone floppy!", was the cry often heard echoing around the monastery. "It used to be all stiff and 'ard, and now I'm very, very unhappy.". "Well then do something about it then Brother Iceberg!", informed Saber, on one of his more authorative mornings. After a long hard thought and a few words with Tanor, Iceberg was pleased to announce to the other monks he could quite easily re-stiffen his robes, and whats more he gained a little protection from it.
Considered to be the foremost leader in modern defence techniques Terisa has no equals. By following her strict and regimatic disiplines, and after countless hard working training sessions, a brother can hone his/her reactions to block the most severe of onslaughts.
A basic part to combinational moves, you somersault towards your opponents and sometimes get in an extra round of damage.
A basic part to monk combinational moves, you step either to the left or right of your opponent, away from their attacks. You occasionally avoid a round of attacks.
A basic part to monk combinational moves, you spin round in a blur of movement, to either to the left or right. You occasionally gain a round of attacks.
A basic part to combinational moves, you backflip away from your opponent and sometimes avoid a round of damage.
A basic part to combinational moves, you duck down away from your opponent and sometimes avoid a round of damage.
One of the benefits of long hours of meditation, deep concentration and strong willed minds, is the monks ability to to do mass communication on a telepathic level!
One of the more loud mouthed fellows of the bretheren, decided that instead of screaming his lungs out to be heard he'd visit anyone and startle them instead. By performing nearly all off the anchient ninja practice of the death charge and instead of killing the victim yelling his 'important message' to the victim!

Forms are a main part of monk combat. To achieve the great powers held within the depths of our abilties, a set of ancient steps must first be executed, before the full effect of the ability is released.

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