Archived Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

For the 2nd installment of hilarious dying experiences - Kerrosiv shows you why nature is not always simple for Druids.

Number 2: Don't try this at home.

As an excitable young Druid, Kerrosiv was eager to advance his reputation in the Realms. His enthusiastic approach to killing while still  learning to use the Druidic Balance, often landed him in dangerous amounts of trouble. It could be said he sometimes acted without considering the full force of his actions. It is for this exuberance that he winds up here today.

It was a grey day. Storm clouds were gathering nearby as a more powerful Druid commanded the very weather itself. Kerrosiv was busy, hurtling about the Town, trying to climb the ladder of success by slicing limbs off many a Drakenwood terror.

While deep in combat with a local Knight, Kerrosiv needed healing and fast. He rushed back to his previously planted berries and collected everything in sight. Sprinting back to combat, he paused briefly to eat some of his healing berries. A small pause happened in the swirling laws of time...

Berries come in two forms. Fireberries and Goodberries. Goodberries are lovely, healing, sweet and juicy items. Fireberries are not.

The slip in time ended.. Kerrosiv ate every berry in his possession. All the Goodberries, and all his Fireberries. A dawning realisation of what he had done arrived at precisely the same time as his head exploded.

[Druid A Ghost] Don't try that at home...

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