Archived Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

For the 3rd Bloody and Foolish Death, we return to a time of heroism long ago...

Number 3: The Gods are listening and a like a laugh.

A long time ago, before even the Burial Chambers had been opened and explored, there was a place so feared in the Realms only the extremely brave or very foolish ventured there. For in those dark and twisted woods lurked many vicious monsters and one solitary Grik.

The Grik is a beast of legend. It's special powers remain hidden, it's death something to be celebrated even now. Two brave adventurers, Skippie and CC, went to defeat all evil and cause some havoc. Skippie was a Cleric of high standing, and CC, a warmage with more blood on his hands than most. The combination of their skills should surely keep them alive?

Unfortunately not. Skippie and CC died, in combat with the same monster, scattering kit in a sea of twisted limbs. This is not the amusing part. This is merely history.

As the two ghosts wailed and paced in the place of their demise, Skippie managed to get through to his Gods. He begged for a miracle to restore his life. In a bizarre twist of fate the Gods heard his prayer. In a once only display of power, they actually fused his ghost and his corpse back together, leaving him on extremely low health. He quickly resurrected CC.

So there they stood. In a violent forest, with circling monsters getting closer and closer.. on no health, with no healing.

The Grik entered. Oh how the Gods laughed...

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