Archived Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

Fourth up, something so amazingly poignant its frankly, hysterical. 

Number 4: The Law of the Natural World.  

The Druids are at one with the natural world. They feel the energies of the woodlands flowing through them, they listen and learn, and understand their place as neutral beings in a world where good and evil is constantly battling for supremacy. 

The Drakenwood Council is made up of two democratically elected representatives from each of the 7 guilds. These 14 people hold the power of Realm Law over the mortals in that Realm. You break a council law and you'll face arrest, jail, perhaps even a bounty, or execution at the hands of the Council. 

While this sometimes brings about some ferocity of feeling at a Council judgment, there ultimately is no escape from their decisions.  

The Noble Druid, Kerrosiv, previously mentioned in these very archives, is strong and determined. He did wrong, and the Council demanded his arrest and execution. Kerrosiv, after a long story and much chase, did consent to his execution at the hands of his own Guild Leader, in penance for the trials he had caused her. 

Xenia, Druid Leader, is not a noble. A wise woman of good standing and experience, she is still climbing the ranks to reach her eventual place in the Realm. She has Council experience, and rose to the ranks of Druid Leader after the retirement of the old Leader, Goldmoon. 

Kerrosiv stood before Xenia, head bowed, ready to meet his fate. It seemed fitting that he should suffer at her hands, being as he had caused her trouble and trials as a Druid force gone insane. 

Xenia killed Kerrosiv in the name of natural balance. Unfortunately, natural balance wasn't listening. 

With the dying breath of Kerrosiv, a massive percentage of his experience and mental wealth flew into Xenia. The Druidic world closed in, and stared. Kerrosiv was a neutral being, and Xenia a Druid. Druid cannot kill a neutral mortal without being subject to the very law of the natural world. Mortal rules do not alter this..

The experience flooding into Xenia, mingled with her own and exploded out of her soul taking the exact amount she would have gained with her. Xenia, poor Xenia, was once an Initiate of the Outer Circle, and within a heartbeat, she became a little tiny Druidic Aspirant. She lost over 24 times the experience she had, catapulting her to the lowest level possible. 

So, the lesson is clear. While mortal laws are enforced, natural laws should be respected...

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