Archived Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

When you begin to get older, memory begins to fade. You can remember when all the Realm was fields, but you can't quite remember your favourite weapon, or quite where it was you used to love blood-letting in the killing grounds of choice.. an example here, I think. 

Number 5: Memory isn't what it used to be.  

Drakenwood has changed much over the years. Long ago, when it was but a small village, the ArchMage Shifty was renown for his mastery of the magical arts, and strode the land like a giant, wielding fire and lightning in his hands like weapons.

Times change, and as the Realms aged, Shifty found himself called ever more strongly to a far off dimension, and his forays into Drakenwood became rarer. As much as he may have wanted to visit the town, this other dimension drained his time from him like a leech. Much changed between these forays, the Realms expanded, new and more interesting spells were researched and new heroes held sway over the lands.

Then, one day, Shifty returned to find the land changed completely. Stories reached his ears of a terrible comet that had caused chaos across the land, sending mountains crashing down and making the seas boil and hiss like angry snakes. He learnt that Drakenwood had been destroyed completely, but rebuilt over the intervening years, and looked around disorientated, wondering what had become of his familiar haunts. Walking through the town, he soon found the Knight, Gwenhyvere, and remembering an ancient enmity that they shared, summoned fire from the sky to strike her down. At the final second, as the flames roared downwards towards their target, Shifty suddenly realised something.

The knight is called Gwendolyn, not Gwenhyvere, and in that case, who is....

Gwenhyvere meets the Grim Reaper, courtesy of Shifty! 
Shifty had attacked Gwenhyvere! 
>>>Player killed by another Player!<<<

Shifty shouts in Eltherian: dam dam dam, i thought that was the knight!

The laughter could be heard in the farthest corners of the Realms.....

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