Archived Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

From a great height, one nasty bone-orientated undead looks very like another.. A case of bad timing, and bad eyesight...

Number 6: I Can See My House From Up Here...  

Cleric Xibwiz has spent much of his life within the confines and holy spaces of the Drakenwood Cleric Church. At the respectful level of Bringer of Sacred Calm, he has achieved much during his lifetime with his religion and Gods. 

He has also learnt much. He once existed as a Faerie. Strong of wings and light on his feet, smiting the undead with a holy mace and the power of the Gods to aid his little frame.

It was to be a day unlike any other in the history of Drakenwood. Not even the comet had this impact on poor unaware Xibwiz.

With his normal exuberance Xibwiz fluttered here and there, slaying and mashing evil in his path. A pocket of Mummies and Ghouls caught his attention, asking for a Holy Damning in the name of Vaelith, the God of Justice. Pausing briefly for food, Xibwiz readied himself, and then stopped. 

'Why walk to the lair of these foul creatures, when I can fly there?' He thought, with characteristic logic. 

Flying is a subconscious moment. Faeries may take off into the air, and search the ground below them, feeling with their mind for something of the right shape and density to be their desired landing target. The target must be moving, either alive or undead. 

Xibwiz took off, and mentally scoured the lands below for a Skeleton. 

Unfortunately, for Xibwiz something of great importance was afoot in the Realms at that precise moment.

The Withered Peak Mountains had been hiding a great secret for many many moons, and that secret was a seething mass of undead champions, ready to maraude into Mirrortown and cause some bloody destruction. The small barrier holding this mob back broke. 

These were no ordinary weak and feeble undead. These were strong, powerful and charged undead, determined to siege the lands. 

Xibwiz meanwhile, spotted a likely landing target, and began his descent.

He landed just as the Zombies moved in for the town, smack right between them and the horde of aggressive Skeletons...

<Comment: And so, Larnen's mythical area claimed it's first victim within 2 seconds of being officially online.>

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