Archived Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

Love is a dangerous thing at the best of times, but in the Western Realms it has a tendency to get you killed....

Number 7: Romance isn't dead, it's death...

Druid, Gatwyck Skyblaze of house Ironfist and his wife, Spring had decided to spend a relaxing afternoon at the lake near to the Druid Guild.

After a couple of hours of watching the waves lap at the lakes edge and the undulating movement of Nessie passing by they decided to take a short swim in the cool waters. Returning to the lake bank to dry off Spring felt the familiar grumbling of hunger and Gatwyck saw his opportunity to prove himself as the hunter/gatherer he is.

Casting 'barkskin' to dry and protect himself Gatwyck took up a fishing pole and sauntered off to find a good vantage point. After what seemed like hours of casting and reacasting his fishing line into the lakes waters Gatwyck finally managed to hook something. From the struggling and grunting it must be one of the biggest fish caught in this lake! When he finally landed the 'beast' it regarded him with baleful eyes as it gasped for breath. Gatwyck had hooked a beautiful, yet small, Goldfish!

Nevertheless he was proud of his hunting skills and grinning from ear to ear took the barely dead 'feast' to his wife for her approval. Needless to say she was less than impressed by the offer of cold fish for her dinner and told him that she did not care for raw food.

Feeling rather hurt Gatwyck remembered his Druidic grasp of the elements and decided that rather than waste time building a fire he would merely use his control of the element and 'heat' the item as it lay in his hands.

As the fish sizzled and crackled, so did Gatwyck! The fire raced up his arms and consumed him in a puff of smoke. Before he could realise what was happening he was standing before Death awaiting his judgement. It was only then that he had time to realise that he had forgotten that he had cast Barkskin only a while ago and that the heated goldfish had set light to his flamable bark covered skin.

Coroner's verdict: Stupidity.

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