Current Notoriety Award for Most Bloody and Foolish Death

A young Senjaz learns that even the most pathetic and wimpy creature can be dangerous at times!

Number 8: Death by Acreii. Kinda...

A couple of people have said I should tell my tale. It's a little foolish, more than a little embarrassing and also a reminder of why quite often we'd all be better off if we just stayed in our guild halls instead of getting wanderlust. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

This account then is for the record since none other of it exists. Indeed a kindly wizard took pity on me, resurrected me and put me back in the guild good as new for the few minutes that remained until the world ended.

As a young and impressionable magus the Western Realms were exciting, they contained much to be explored, prodded, poked, and kicked in an inquisitive manner. At that time Drakenwood was a different place from what it is today, much smaller, rougher and less civilised. Many things would move to attack you. Along with the chaos worshippers that had begun to infest the sewers beneath the town, everyone had come across on their travels the most annoying of creatures - the acreii. These small, stupid but totally vicious things attacked everything on sight only to die a few moments later.

Back then a mythic being thought to be an all powerful mage would appear each night just before sunrise and tear our world apart. Then what Armageddon destroyed Larnen recreated just a few moments later. People reawakened with their clothing gone and a slight nauseous feeling. Most ignored this inconvenience. A few sought to do something about it.*

Later word had started to get around that a number of the bravest adventurers had not only encountered this Armageddon but had challenged him. Rimalax with mastery over both his mind and body landed the final blow that defeated Armageddon.**

Now this was something to see.

Imagine yourself in what was known as Krasna Square and someone has left a manhole cover open.

You look about you....

Drakenwood Square
[4: n, e, s, w]
Small acreii enters.

Small acreii attacks you.
Small acreii attacks Armageddon.
Armageddon raises his hands to the dark, night sky and speaks a command in a language that you do not understand.

The night sky is illuminated by a ruddy glow as flaming red spheres appear in the heavens and begin to descend.

You are thrown off of your feet as several of the burning spheres explode around you. Everywhere there is fire and the smell of scorched flesh.

Hp: -122 Mp: 160
You die horribly.

You are horrified to see a SECOND wave of burning meteors begin to fall from the sky above!

Not the sort of thing easily taken in at almost 6am.

* Or probably more accurately: Wondered if the world would still die and be reborn if they killed Armageddon. Word also has it that the world did still end without him for those of you that are interested. This also comes after the major expedition of the age to reach folk lore: the killing of Atmos - but that's another story.

** Or in the words of one of the other adventurers there, "bah, he got the lucky hit."

Thanks to Senjaz for submitting this tale of foolish dying!

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