Gloss that machine! Even more effective if it isn't YOUR machine!!
Is that desktop dull? Is that website crying out for something of class and strange pachyderm tendencies to give it a little excitement? Is your work machine dying of a broken heart because your employer won't let you play ele during work hours? Want to litter the online world with how fantastic Ele really is?

You, my friend, have come to the right place. 
Desktop Background 
Free to you, and all zipped up with two sizes to choose from, a bargain on the bandwidth. Put it on those Uni or Work machines, and watch your fellow students/coworkers look utterly bemused. Corrupt them. Learn how to cackle evilly. 

Download at 1024x768 (111kb)
Download at 800x600


Elephant Mud Banners  
If you've got a devilishly appealing and beautiful website, or frankly, even if you haven't - why not download an Elephant MUD banner and display it proudly? In two fabulous styles, animated or still, there's something for everyone. How stylish? Terribly. Plaster all over. We ask one thing - link them to us!

Download (15kb)

Download (18kb)

Elephant MUD Buttons
Last but not least, we bring you a subtle, adorable and downright useful Eleweb button.  

For those sites which might not have space (god forbid) for one of our banners, here's an ickle button.
Download : Square

Just wanna play?
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