Main Meet Details

Date: Saturday the 18th November 2006.
Time: 6pm onwards.
Place: Ye Old London (No 42), Ludgate Hill, London.


From St Pauls - 4 minutes
Leave the station by exit 2 (the exit on the right as you come up the escalators. And turn 180 degrees as soon as you come out. Walk towards St Pauls Cathedral, turning RIGHT when you get to the barrier railing (signpost pointing this way for City Thameslink). Continue to walk around St Pauls keeping it on your left until you get to the front steps. Walk directly away from the steps and statue, down the hill passing Pret a Manger and Benjy's on left. The pub is 200 yard down the road on the right hand side.

From Blackfriars - 4 minutes
Leave the station by exit 1, and walk up the road towards the crossroads (directly away from the bridge). After 300 yards you will come to a crossroads with a Waterstones at the corner. Turn right, and the pub is another 200 yards ahead of you on the other side of the road.

From City Thameslink (Mainline) - 30 seconds!
Leave the station at the Ludgate Hill exit, and turn right (towards St Pauls). The pub is about 100 yards ahead of you on the other side of the road.

We have the downstairs bar booked from 6pm onwards!

It's a full Mudmeet! A premier event of note for the calendar of any discerning mudder! Come and meet your friends (and enemies) face to face and chat over a pint or ten. Collar the Wizards with your latest great ideas (in return for a pint of course!), and generally make merry!

Go HERE to find out more, and peruse the photographic evidence previous Mudmeets.

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