Who are the council, exactly?

There are seven Guilds on Elephant MUD. Each Guild has an elected Leader and Deputy, responsible for keeping their Guild a good place to be and bonding together the adventurers within that Guild. It also gives them a place on the Council of Drakenwood.

The Council of Drakenwood
Council responsibilities are keeping Law and Order within the Western Realms. If you have problems such as being troubled by devious rogues, attacked or any general legal worries, you should call them in, either directly by typing 'who council' to see who is logged on, or by typing 'mail council' at the Drakenwood Post Office.

The task of Council can be difficult. While the Western Realms are not especially merciless and violent, all crimes can be investigated by the Council and a decision reached. They have casting votes on penalty, sentence, and bounties. It is wise to choose your allies carefully in the Western Realms, for to upset adventurers, Guilds, and Council would be a dangerous position to be in..

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