Families have long been an important part of life in the Western Realms. It was with that in mind that Houses were developed. A House is a collection of families which are banded together for mutual benefit and protection under a common aim and name. Their focuses vary from the honour of the Western Realms via the protection of the natural world to the promotion of all that is bad and rotten.

There are currently five houses in the Western Realms:

House Alluminas
House Head: Brax
House Sponsor: Larnen

House Bloodstone
House Head: Sisorc
House Sponsor: Havoc

House Harlequin
House Head: Gothmog
House Sponsor: Stom

House Scelus
House Head: Mizt
House Sponsor: Stab

House Darklight
House Head: Dobkeratops
House Sponsor: Rohan

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