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The Geography of Elephant MUD

Most of the adventuring that takes place on Elephant Mud occurs within the bounds of the Western Realms; a large temperate land mass in the northern hemisphere of the planet. Although there are many islands off of the coast and several other planes of existence are known to exist, to most players the 'known world' centres around the town of Drakenwood, which is situated in a cove on the south shore of the Realms. It is from here that the players set forth daily to bring justice to the foul creatures that stalk the nearby hills and forests and to here that they come again to rest from their trials.

Drakenwood is by no means the only population centre in the Realms. Nearby, nestling in the Withered Peak mountains lies Mirrortown and equally close can be found the village of Aldersford. Were you to travel north you would soon find yourself within the bounds of the Duchies of Miathorn and Alforpia. Travel east and if you are unlucky you may stumble upon the cursed remains of Sparsis. Even further away, many weeks' travel for all but the dedicated horseman, lie the boundaries of the warring Kingdoms of Valena and Aerdy.

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The World Map

For reference, there are a couple of things to note in the World Map pages. 

The first is that without the navigational skills of both players and wizards alike, we would know little of our home world. As more is discovered, more will be revealed. 

Secondly, Elephant Mud would like to offer our greatest thanks to a games company called 3DO. Without their amazing game Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and the extension pack available, we would not have spent on average 25 hours a week playing obsessively, and calling it 'Humuna' for short. We also would not have thought to use the Map Editor provided to create our Ele Maps. We thank 3DO so very very much, and know our gaming lives wouldn't be nearly as fulfilled without their talent. 

Download the entire World Map (4.3Mb)

Elephant Mud Geography in the Real World
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