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The Geography of Elephant MUD in the Real World

We thought it would be fun to display photographs of the places that you've been and the things that you have seen that remind you of Elephant Mud in the Real World.

So far we have:

The Elephant Curry Cafe - Gremlingirl & Geiko (13th July 2002)

Valjean Road
- Sparkle & Brax (13th July 2002)

Viking Road - Sparkle & Brax (13th July 2002)

The Elephant House - Larnen, Tanith, Cordelia & Rohan. (10th July 2002)

We are sure that you can do better than these people! If you think you can, Mudmail 'external' on Elephant Mud or Email webmaster@elephant.org to find out what to do next.

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