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The Cleric Guild

Clerics have a number of miracles, given to them by the Gods. Most have to be earned with faith, devotion and determination. Only the greatest of Holy Clerics obtain the most powerful of all miracles. Below is a brief breakdown of the miracles available.

Holy Word
Only the purest of clerics may utter this word, one of the words used in the Creation. Its effects are devestating for those of evil alignment, for each and every such creature in the room will be exposed to the searing light of purity.
This is a very powerful and very dangerous miracle, and perhaps the only one that is not limited to Evil targets. The caster calls upon her God to cause the ground to rend and heave all around her, with terrible effect.
Inflicts intense agony on ghostly spirits.
Creates a gateway to a player, allowing them to enter and travel quickly to your location.
Reveals the darkness in the target's soul and displays their sins for all to

Celestial Chant
Provides morale-boosting vigor, extra attacks and flooding righteousness for all well aligned players present.
Cleric Pose
Purify your soul in honour of the Gods, and they will allow you a rare moment of fame.
The caster becomes immune to attack from all others, be they animals, monsters or other players. Making an attack will bring about combat, however.
Dispell Evil
An attack which strikes at the very core of an evil, black soul.
Entreat a weapon, from the Goddess of Faith herself, fashioned from pure devotion and holy power.
Enables a Cleric to understand any other languages for a short time.
This ability admonishes the trangressors against you.
Turn Undead
Allows a Cleric to damn and attempt to destroy an undead soul.
With this miracle, a High level cleric can entreat their God to breathe new life into a corpse, and raise the very dead!
Total Heal
The most potent curing spell known anywhere on the Realms.
Holy Aid
Temporarily raises a players hit points should they be in mortal peril.
Raise Dead
This miracle is a lower level version of Resurrect.
Remove Curse
With this miracle, you can wipe away any and all such curses that may be placed upon the recipient in one go, for your healing powers are easily a match for the vast majority of these petty magics.
This miracle allows the Cleric to magically graft a severed limb back onto the targets body, or, at higher levels, regrow it completely, whether it is present or not.
Ask the gods for their assistance with your wounded limb, and they will answer with power which will surge through your veins, closing over your wounds and melding split flesh to a whole state.
Remove Paralysis
Enables the Cleric to remove paralysis from a fellow adventurer, during combat, providing vital support.
Removes traces of poison and venom, both organic and chemical, from bloodstreams.
Discern Wounds
Using their skills in healing, a Cleric may instantly detect what wounds and
illnesses a person has.

The preserve spell allows a Cleric to call upon his or her Gods to slow the rate of decay of a corpse or severed limb, possibly allowing it time to be raised from the dead, regenerated at the hospital or whatever, where normally it would have decayed to dust.
Mend Wounds
Similar to but more localised than Cure Wounds, this miracle heals injuries
to the limbs of the target, although not their overall lifeforce.

Cure Wounds
With this miracle, you call upon your God to wipe away injury and harm in the target. Available as Cure Light, Serious and Critical.
Casts an immensely strong protective sheild around you, which is proof against weapons and magic alike. 
Spiritual Barrier
The spiritual barrier is a miracle of primary use when bringing an end to the foul Necromancers and Undead that lurk in the decayed corners of the Realms.
Silence 15' Radius
This miracle allows the Cleric to plunge a room into a state of magical silence, preventing all forms of spellcasting, talking, shouting and other such forms of local communication.
Glyph of Warding
With the Glyph of Warding, you can protect an item against those who would interfere with it, whether that item be a door, or a treasure chest.
By means of this Miracle, a Cleric can imbue a piece of armour with a magically improved resiliance, making it better able to protect its wearer from attacks.
This miracle attempts to bring immediate peace and an end to all hostilities to your localised area.
Creates a shield of magic protection around your body. The lower end version of Buffer.
This ability allows you to see the colour of the targets aura, from which you can determine it's alignment.
Release Soul
As a mercy to the slain, whether friend or foe, the Cleric may speed their
soul onto its final rest. The corpse will fade into nothingness and for
their charity the Cleric will receive back some mental strength.

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