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The Cleric Guild


Clerics gain their power for miracles by worship of their Gods. By entreating a specific God for favours, the Cleric is able to perform miracles, which are generally centred on faith, devotion, blessings, and even Holy Wrath. Clerics need to be of good alignment and strong faith. In combat, a Cleric does not slaughter like some deranged fighters but instead selects their victims well - an evil target suffers the retribution they so deserve. Clerics are able to defend themselves extremely well using both physical and magical armour, meaning that they are strong when the need for combat arises.

Clerics should have a high wisdom to correctly entreat their spells, and a good constitution helps them in the fight.

Wizard in Charge: Larnen
Deputy Wizard: Handy

Primary Stats: Wisdom, Charisma and Constitution
Primary Skills: Healing, Blunt, Faith, Magic defence and Armoury
Secondary Skills: Attack, Defence, Bargaining, Polearm and Staff
Tertiary Skills: Melee, Projectile and Magic attack

Cleric Miracles

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