Who are the Seniors?

Avn is a Monk through and through. She has a healthy disregard for dress code, can take anyone out with a well placed punch or kick and has a mouth that any mother would be truly ashamed of. Avn is a lass with attitude. But for all this, she's committed to Elephant Mud and her charge, the Monk Guild. A hard working spark in the Wiz ranks.

Eldge has been a part of ele for well over eight years now. He has, to the best of my knowledge, spent that time as a Ranger. He watched the guild grow and develop over the years as a player, spending time on Council, until he moved to the realms of the wizards. He has spent a good while as an apprentice, coding a veritable host of areas which will add to the wonderful patchwork of Ele. He has finally made it to fully fledged wizard where his skills will no doubt be put to good use!

*Technical term.

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