Who are the Wizards?

As Elephant MUD's 'help wizards' file reveals...

"The following people are the Wizards of Elephant Mud:

God: Larnen
Arches: Azazel and Tanith
Sages: Stom and Dval
Eldars: Torallion, Prozac, Scarlet and Moloch
Seniors: Avn and Eldge
Wizards: Iceberg, Usgreth and Quark
Apprentices: Gremlingirl, Yautja, Luni, Gunnar, Rosmerta, Tess and Oriel

Wizards do not play the mud - they are Immortals, who create the world in which the mortals live and breathe. If you experience any problems with your character, Admin are the only ones who can assist you - please do not pester Wizards for help.

Now, this doesn't mean wizards aren't helpful, it's just that generally speaking all the Immortals hold down regular jobs, or are studying for a degree, while doing work on Elephant MUD. Terribly busy people. Some of the wizards listed above are also 'Guild Wizards' and look after an entire section of the MUD itself. Others are developing new areas, fixing current areas, in charge of MUD departments, all sorts of work.

99.9 percent of the Wiz Ranks have played their Ele character up through the levels to reach the dizzy Immortal heights they have. It is a taxing role, and one which brings with it responsibility and seriousness. We do not 'play', we 'code, or oversee, or develop new ideas.' What? Is it strict? Too right it is. We are not to tangle in the affairs of the mortals, and gawd knows they're all having enough of 'em...

The wizards can also be looked to for all kinds of insane behaviour. This picture demonstrates quite how an evening of Silly Green Beer and Wink Murder can cause havoc on even the most well meaning 'Dress As Your Favourite Monster' evening. 

Never let it be said that the Wizards don't work hard! In June 2002 fourteen of the Immortals met in deepest darkest Oxfordshire for a weekend dedicated to the betterment of Elephant MUD. A lot of discussion and hard work filled the two days, but in the evening we banquetted on burgers and hotdogs and some of us even remembered our costumes to the losely fitting theme of Knights and Wenches. For pictorial evidence of these immortal goings on, click here.

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