Who are the Eldars?

Torallion brought us the wonders of snowy wastes and gave us a reason to take trips on rickety old stage coaches to run around building snowmen. An accomplished Mortal he has proved himself more than capable as an Immortal.
Prozac is a Wizard of the wave of second generation powermudders that stormed the Mud in 1996. Shooting up the levels, he decided that being a Wizard gave him the opportunity to kill scores of Newbies quite legitimately and so signed up. A Wizard affiliated to the Approval Department.

Scarlet's presence, in one guise or another,on the Mud goes back as far as most people can remember (perhaps except Larnen). A feisty female who has battled against the odds to prove that women can be just as good at mudding as men! She joined the wiz ranks in 2002 and has more than proved her ability at creating areas in her time as an apprentice. Now a fully paid up member of the wiz team we look forward to more devilish contributions to Ele in future.


A fixture of Elephant Mud for many many years in various guises, but he is probably best known as Moloch Rockbiter. He was leader of the Fighter guild for too many terms to count and a very vocal councillor too. He spent time as a Newbie Guide and was also deputy leader of House Alluminas. He has always been in the thick of goings on within the MUD. His grasp of Elephant Mud's aims and objectives combined with an enthusiastic and energetic approach to whatever is thrown at him make him an excellent member of the Wiz team.


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