Who are the Apprentices?

As Apprentice on Ele, you have to achieve a certain number of goals before you move up to full Wizard rank. It can be tough, for playing for many months, sometimes even years, to become one of the most powerful players, makes you pretty respected and powerful. Rise into Immortality to be an Apprentice, and all your goals change overnight. All of a sudden you cannot entangle yourself in the lives of the mortals. Cannot help your friends, cannot give any information, cannot talk endlessly on your Guild Line, cannot put your power to any use other than creation and code.

Many make the choice and realise it was the wrong one, and many rise through the wiz ranks to become talented and valuable members of a great team. It is a personal thing. Hard, but worth it, if you dedicate yourself.

The Elephant MUD Apprentices are:

Gremlingirl, Yautja, Luni, Gunnar, Rosmerta, Tess and Oriel

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