Who are the Wizards?

Wizards are fully fledged Immortals, who have proved their dedication to Ele by passing through Apprenticeship and into a world where they can start thinking quite seriously about how to maim and wound players in good, honest, creative ways.

Usgreth was a fighter of some renknown before joining the ranks of the wizards way back in 1999. He has been a solid, stable and welcome member of the team and has finally made his way out of Apprenticeship and into wizhood. We expect his calm and considered approach to immortal life to be a benefit to the normally hectic world of the Wizards!


Quark is another long term fixture of Elephant Mud. After a long and active adventuring carreer, he finally decided to hang up his warmage staff and devote his time to helping create the world instead. He managed to make it through his Apprenticeship to become a fully fledged Wizard, and he only blew up the world once or twice!

Nothing can be written here to express our love and loss of Iceberg. Simply, http://www.elephant.org/iceberg/

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