Who are the Sages?

Sages are Immortal Heads of Department, and sometimes also Guild Wizards. It is one stage below Arch. Currently Ele MUD has one of these insane people, daft enough to get involved in a workload which is not just developing areas.

A man often seen sporting a fetching pair of green tights Stom has had an interesting immortal career. The once member of Admin has now returned to being a Mentor and is intent on continuing with his care of the Ranger Guild and bringing his many projects to fruition. An enthusiastic and valued member of the wiz team!
Dval has proved himself to be a valuable member of the Wizard team who is likely to continue moving through the ranks. He is quite happy to get involved in anything and everything whether it's his area or not and is perfectly suited to his chosen department of Approval and Rogue Guild.


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