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The Druid Guild

Druids can deal amazing damage, as long as the elements are in their favour. The spells known to Druids of the Western Realms are as follows.

Finger of Death
The spell stops the target's heart for several seconds, while simultaneously enhancing his or her metabolism. Thus the target is denied a supply of blood when he or she needs it most!
Creeping Doom
The Creeping Doom spell is perhaps the ultimate in summoning spells, because it calls fully five hundred to a thousand flying, swarming, poisonsous insects, arachnids and myriapods to her, and directs them to swarm over a target in the room.
Elemental Conjuration
The 'elemental planes' have their own denizens and this spell actually breaks down the barriers between the prime material plane and the chosen elemental plane and draws through one of it's inhabitants to be under the Druid's control.
The regeneration spell allows the Druid to markedly increase the rate at which he or she heals with time.
Druids may actually call back the souls of the dead and give them life anew! However, because Druids believe in a cycle of renewal, the ghost will not necessarily be brought back as the same race as they were before they died!
In order to use this spell, a Druid must first have planted at least one tree, which has grown to full size. By means of the spell, the Druid may actually step into the tree itself, and instantly reappear out of another tree, elsewhere, of the same type.
This spell can animate a lesser Ent from a magically created tree, which will then willingly serve the Druid until released.
Chain Lightning
Like Call Lightning, but instead of earthing as soon as it strikes a target, the magically-enhanced bolt of chain lightning will arc from creature to creature in the room, until it eventually expends its energy.
Heat Item
With this spell a Druid may channel magical power into physical energy and cause it to infuse an item. That item will begin to heat up rapidly, soon reaching a point where it is of blistering heat.
Weather Summoning
Working from the simple skill of predicting it, a powerful Druid can now actually cause certain weather patterns to develop.
During the coldest times a Druid can bring about a drop in temperature, exposing their foe to unimaginably bitter temperatures causing unspeakable pain.
Heat Wave
During hot dry weather a follower of The Way is able to harness the power of fire to cause the very air itself to reach unbearable temperatures around a foe.
Shape Change
This spell takes the Druid's natural affinity to animals to perhaps it's logical extreme, for it allows the Druid to actually become, in all aspects, one of a number of animals!
Animate Object
When he speaks the words to this spell, a lesser Air Elemental is summoned, and instructed to lift a certain object and hit a current combat opponant with it.
With this spell, the Druid causes the natural foliage in her environment to rise up, and bind the limbs of the target.
Protection from Elements
Protection from Elements gives the Druid a high degree of resistance from all damage from the specified type. Thus a Druid who has cast Protection From Fire need not fear the petty fire magic of the Warmages...
Neutralize Poison
Just as a Druid has the ability to detect the presence of poison in items, so too can he neutralize that poison under certain conditions.
Call Lightning
By using her knowledge of storms, a Druid can actually call down a bolt of lightning from it's heart, and cause it to infallibly strike the indicated target, or, if no target is named, her current opponent.
Searing Heat
The Druid commands the elemental power of fire to summon a dryness so intense that it sucks the very moisture from the air...and their target.
Nature's Revival
Druid can call upon this healing side of Nature to restore vitality and health to either herself or to a fellow Druid.
By means of this spell, a Druid is able to draw in some of the energy of his surroundings, and cause it to toughen his skin until it is as tough as bark!
Hold Animal or Plant
At times, a Druid may find herself being attacked by creatures of the wild who do not recognise that the Druid is their friend. When this happens, she may use this spell to stop the animal or plant dead in its tracks.
The tree spell will disguise the Druid as a normal tree, undetectable by any means from a normal one.
Wall of Fire
The spell summons up a blazing, incandescent wall of magical flames which block an exit from a room. Most animals will instinctively shy away from such a wall, but for those creatures foolish enough to try and pass through it, they will find themselves burnt to a cinder.
The shillelagh spell calls upon the power of Nature to enfuse the casters weapon with incredible hardness, improving it's ability to do damage.
Faerie Fire
With the Faerie Fire spell, the Druid causes some of Nature's energy to reach out and infuse the skin of the victim. Although not damaging, this effect is extremely unsettling for any non Druid, and will cause them to be unable to concentrate on the task in hand, reducing their combat effectiveness.
By attuning him or herself to natures harmony, the Druid can purge his or her body of harmful substances.
Storm Cloud
As masters of the elements Druids are able to summon a small storm cloud which will hover over the head of the target to signnify their mood and the Druid's power.
Natures Friendship
Druids have an affinity with many other of Nature's creations. Should a Druid find herself in battle against such a creature, she can use this spell to remind her opponent that she means it no harm.
Fire Seeds
A small bush springs up at the feet of the caster, upon which large, black berries begin to grow. When these berries are fully grown, they can be harvested, and then hurled at an opponent, exploding into balls of flame on contact.
By means of the 'goodberry' spell, the Druid taps into the healing power of the soil, and causes a magical seed to be planted. This seed rapidly grows into a small plant, which can be picked when fully grown, to yield a number of wholesome berries.
Detect Poison
With this spell, a Druid can detect the presence of natural or synthetic poisons in an item.
This spell allows you to reach out to any animals or plants in the room, and will give you an indication of their toughness.
Magic Torch
This spell draws power from the Element of Fire, and creates a small bobbing ball of flame.
Detect Balance
Should either Good or Evil grow too strong, it is up to the Druids to redress the balance, and ensure neutrality is restored. This spell is extremely useful for this purpose, for it allows the Druid to detect the state of the Balance in his or her current area.

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