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The Druid Guild


Druids are players who draw their power from the elemental forces of Nature. They do not see Nature as a deity, but rather as a state of being and an indication of the ideal way of life. The Way, as it is known, directs them to maintain a balance in all things, to venerate certain days of the year when the natural forces are at their strongest, and gives them the knowledge required to harness the natural powers. Druids learn the art of woodcraft and healing and are also accomplished conjurers, but unlike Warmages, they draw their power from the natural energy of the planet, as opposed to the Outer Planes. Their form of conjuring is more akin to elementalism in nature.

The intensity of a Druid's spells is tied to many more things than for most other spellcasters. The phases of the moon, their natural environment, any extreme of weather and the 'balance' of good and evil are all things that a Druid must be aware of. In addition, a Druid must harvest mistletoe in order to cast spells, for mistletoe is to them as a Holy Symbol is to a Cleric.

A Druid should have a good wisdom and charisma, for only the wise can understand the Way and only the charismatic can entreat the many creatures of the Realms to aid them. Most spells require these two stats for their effectiveness. In addition, a Druid would do well to have a high constitution, to give them the hardiness to deal with those who would disturb the Balance and the Way.

Wizard in Charge: Tanith
Deputy Wizard: Torallion
Primary Stats: Wisdom, Charisma and Constitution
Primary Skills: Blunt, Conjuring, Woodcraft, Healing and Staff
Secondary Skills: Blade, Attack, Defence, Bargaining and Armoury
Tertiary Skills: Melee and Thrown

Druid Spells

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