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The Fighter Guild

Fighter skills revolve around swordsmanship, power, grit determination and courage.

Fighters may be a bit dense, but once they have been hit enough times he/she begins to recognise the difference between the physical qualities of weapons and armour. Although no matter how hard we try, we can never tell if it is magical or not.
Whilst wandering through town one day, Jagox was suddenly surrounded by jeering newbie rogues. Not wishing to lower himself by attacking such a simple target, he turned to one of the rogues and cut him down with a remark so scathing that he was able to leave them speechless.
The best thing about being a fighter is killing anything that moves. But what can you do when everything is dead? Chop up the bodies! Arms and legs will fly as you hack away at the recently deceased.
This skill tells you about the named item; whether it can be wielded or worn, what type of item it is (eg a helmet, a 2-handed), and the rough weight of the item.
With this skill, you call upon your training and eye up an opponent to see how tough they are.
Long ago a legendary berserker named 'Agrippa' discovered a fearsome tactic to discourage his enemies! He learnt that if a warrior were to preserve the heads of his victims in gruesome death visages, the effect could cause his enemy to think twice before attacking, so it was that the crude process was invented and nowadays is frequently used to show status!
A rather eye-catching way of celebrating your guild.
As a seasoned fighter, 'Clarkson' had learnt that when her opponent was in a sufficiently weakened state, she could summon all her might in one final blow. This would often result in instant death or heavy injury.
Allows you to block the oncoming attack of an enemy.
Allows you to push people out of the way, but you'd better be strong!
Allows you to aim for a specific limb on an enemy during attack.
The fighter gains the potential of extra rounds and harder hits.
However, this hyped state leaves the fighter open to damage as they are not fully in control.
Long ago, a lone fighter called 'Nicebloke' spent several hours trying to think of new and painful ways to inflict damage on his opponents. He thought back to his many long and hard battles, and realised his shield was doing nothing but protecting him. So, in his next battle, he repeatedly bashed his shield across the face of his vile enemy and found it to be most enjoyable and damaging at the same time.
As the name suggests you try to take your enemy's head off.
In an epic battle against multiple attackers, 'Moloch' was fearlessly holding
his ground until a lucky strike by one of his opponents severed his arm! Seeing no safe route by which to escape, he panicked. It wasn't a pretty sight. Summoning up the last of his strength he launched into a devastating attack. He managed to get many more hits in on all of his opponents than he would have been able to normally, fortunately killing them all in a gory bloodlust. The sheer effort involved in his panic had left him totally drained to such an extent that a passing rabbit unfortunately finished him off with a single bite.
Whilst walking through a castle one day, 'Cormac' happened upon a rogue up to no good. He knew that the rogue would escape if he went to get his sword, so he grabbed a standard off the wall and ran at him. The pole caught the rogue in the gut and pushed him against the wall, pinning him there while Cormac shouted for the guards. Those that use polearms in regular combat quickly took up this idea, and the technique is now widespread.
During a battle against a rogue with a vicious poisoned dagger 'Glyndwr' had the great idea of taking his weapon. So, with a thrust followed by a cunning feint he was able to use his weapon to knock the dagger from the rogue disarming him.
Exhausted and facing evil knights advancing upon him, 'Psycho' conquered his fears and then cackling with an insane glee, summoned up reserves of strength from some unknown source and charged with monstrous fury at his astonished opponents who crumbled under the barrage of attacks he gave them.
The crude method by which a warrior attempts to 'cleave' an opponent in two has long been a favoured tactic of the fighters of Drakenwood.
This deadly manoeuvre involves twirling a sword and another edged weapon in a very rhythmic 'figure of eight' movement in front of the opponent. Then whilst maintaining the complex rhythm, the warrior can then surge forward with the attack, which will be very difficult for an opponent to block.
A warrior named 'Rhodry' was supposed to have been the first to realise that if he aimed a blow with all his might at a certain point on the torso, the opponent could literally be knocked off his feet and sent sprawling into next week.
A skilfully-aimed strike at an opponent's solar plexus will render the victim at the warriors mercy.
The 'whirl of fury' was first executed by a warrior named 'Jimi', he learnt that if a warrior could focus all of his or her mind and energy on one concentrated burst of action, then the effect could be extremely dramatic.
The skill of berserking is perhaps the best-kept secret of the fighter guild. It will grant whoever uses it great strength in their battles. This comes at the cost of finesse though, for the berserker is sent into a blind rage.
Perhaps one of the most deadly moves known to fighters, whirl is hardly the most elegant. When the top warriors pick up their two-handed weapons, they instantly feel the incredible weight these huge weapons possess. It was 'Moloch' who first realised that this could be used to their advantage. Whilst battling an evil rogue, Moloch took a blow that knocked him a few steps backwards, incensed by this, he heaved his sword around him, arms out stretched, he began spinning towards his foe. The immense power combined with the enormous weight dealt a devastating blow to the opponent and from that moment on whirl became an integral part of the fighter's repertoire.

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