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Generally very nimble, but due to their frail appendages, they have a low threshold of pain and are not incredibly strong. Most races find artrells' insectoid appearance unattractive. They are of average intelligence and wisdom. They tend to dwell in small communities in the clouds at the tops of mountains and thus are friendly towards Dwarves and Faeries. Artrells have fully four spindly arms and they aren't hard to spot!

The artrell is a humanoid-type creature with insectoid traits. Particularly noticable are their heads, arms, and hands. They have larger than normal eyes placed upon a face with skin of some thin membrane type tissue. They have a small beak for a mouth. Their four arms are very thin and frail in appearance with long, thick black hairs growing from them. The hands end in two plier-like fingers. For the most part, their torso and legs are fully human-like, except the black hairs like the arm hairs which grow on the legs. Their build is short and very thin. They have leathery black skin and no hair.

Most common occupation:

Stat Ranges:
Str: 1-26, Int: 5-30, Wis: 5-30, Dex: 6-31, Con: 2-27, Cha: 4-29

Skill Bonuses:
Melee: -5, Double wielding: 20, Stealing: 5

Night Vision:

Average Height:
3' 6"

Average Weight:
4st 4lbs

Primary Language:

Reach Maturity at:
12 years of age

Picture by Ysgraithe@Elemud

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