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Dwarves are the second eldest of the races that dwell in the Realms. They inhabit the deep mines that riddle the bowels of the land, driven on by their overwhelming desire for money and gems. Dwarves stand between four and four and a half feet in height, but are very stocky, weighing as much as a full grown human. Most other races find them to be dour, ugly and taciturn folk, but they are respected for their great courage and stamina.

These people have a dark, ruddy, complexion, with dark coloured hair. Some few exhibit a much paler complexion, with red hair, which is often seen as a sign of nobility among these earth dwellers.

Most common occupations:
Fighter, Cleric

Stat Ranges:
Str: 6-31, Int: 3-28, Wis: 6-31, Dex: 3-28, Con: 7-32, Cha: 2-27

Skill Bonuses:
Magic attack: -5, Blunt: 5, Magic defence: -5, Blade: 10, Attack: 5, Conjuring: -10

Night Vision:

Average Height:
4' 0"

Average Weight:
12st 7lbs

Primary Language:

Reach Maturity at:
70 years of age

Picture by Ysgraithe@Elemud

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