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Halflings are nimble people who can dart here there and everywhere before you can say any dwarven names. They are not very strong or sturdy, but they are of average intelligence and charisma. Regrettably their rather irascible nature makes them natural rogues, and they seem to lack wisdom. They live in small communities, or 'shires', which resemble human dwellings in most ways, apart from those wealthy halflings who can afford 'burrows', which are houses set into the side of hills.

The name 'halfling' derives from their stature, as they seem to be half size versions of humans. Halflings have a little of this and a little of that in their genetic make-up. They are hairy folk, particually on their rather oversized feet. This hair is nealy always a medium to light brown in colour.

Most common occupations:

Stat Ranges:
Str: 2-27, Int: 5-30, Wis: 2-27, Dex: 10-35, Con: 4-29, Cha: 5-30

Skill Bonuses: Skullduggery: 5, Knife: 10, Thrown: 10, Two handed: -20, Stealth: 10, Murder: -5, Projectile: 10

Night Vision:
Above Average

Average Height:
3' 0"

Average Weight:
4st 4lbs

Primary Language:

Reach Maturity at:
40 years of age

Picture by Ysgraithe@Elemud

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