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Half-orcs are perhaps a bit more "human" than orcs. In fact, it is believed they might have human blood in them leading to their greater intellectual abilities and mobility, and significantly better looks than orcs. In addition, it is also believed that this is why they are neither as strong or as sturdy as orcs. Nonetheless, being more intelligent than an Orc is not saying much, so as one could expect, very few Half-Orcs possess much 'up top'. Half-Orcs are generally hated and reviled by all races, with perhaps the exception of certain evil Giants.

Although hairy by human standards, they do not have the 'Cousin  It' look of orcs. Instead, their hair covers their bodies much in the same way that gorillas' bodies are covered. They stand about 6 1/2 feet in height and are extremeley heavily built. Their skin is a dark red-brown to match their hair. Their noses resemble snouts more than anything, but this gives them an acute sense of smell.

Most common occupations:
Fighter, Rogue

Stat Ranges:
Str: 8-33, Int: 2-27, Wis: 2-27, Dex: 4-29, Con: 7-32, Cha: 1-26

Skill Bonuses:
Stealth: -5, Murder: 5, Healing: -10, Attack: 10, Conjuring: -10

Night Vision:

Average Height:
6' 6"

Average Weight:
10st 10lbs

Primary Language:

Reach Maturity at:
20 years of age

Picture by Ysgraithe@Elemud

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