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There is nothing spectacular about humans. They are neither particularly weak in any manner nor are they particularly strong in any respect. Still, most other races find them reasonably attractive.

If they have a strength, it is in their versatility. Since they are not specialised like the other races, they can learn new skills far more quickly. In fact, a human can learn skills up to 10% faster than a non-human.

Human form is where the term "humanoid" comes from. Humans have two arms, two legs, and stand near six foot high. Their skin comes in varying shades from light tan to dark brown, with visible hair of all colours only on the top of their heads.

Most common occupations:

Stat Ranges:
Str: 5-30, Int: 5-30, Wis: 5-30, Dex: 5-30, Con: 5-30, Cha: 5-30

Skill Bonuses:

Night Vision:


Average Height:
6' 0"

Average Weight:
12st 7lbs 

Primary Language:

Reach Maturity at:
16 years of age

Picture by Ysgraithe@Elemud

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