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Satyrs are strong and sturdy beings, but not over endowed with mental faculties. They move about quite well, but most races do not find their goat-like lower halves attractive. However, despite their rather unsettling appearance and vulgar habits, they seem possessed of a strong force of personality, which seems to endear them to people far more than it should.

Satyrs have a magical genesis, which is about the only magic they experience in their lives. All satyrs are males and they are very mysterious. Genetically, they appear to be half-human and half-goat, with the upper half of their bodies human and the lower half goat. Satyrs are incapable of natural reproduction as they are sterile.

Most common occupations:
Fighter, Monk

Stat Ranges:
Str: 8-33, Int: 1-26, Wis: 1-26, Dex: 4-29, Con: 6-31, Cha: 7-32

Skill Bonuses:
Blunt: 5, Magic attack: -5, Bargaining: 5, Magic defence: -5, Blade: 5, Attack: 10, Conjuring: -5

Night Vision:
Above Average

Average Height:
7' 0"

Average Weight:
14st 4lbs

Primary Language:

Reach Maturity at:
20 years of age

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