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The Ranger Guild

The Ranger Guild does not go in for flowery speaking and waxing lyrical about the hues of brown in the Autumn leaves. It gets on with skinning, killing and living in the woods..

A high level Ranger is absolutely deadly with a bow, and this skill is one of
the reasons why. The Ranger draws his or her bow, and calls into existance a
magical, silvery arrow. The damage done depends on the time of day.

Rangers are the true masters of survival in the great outdoors. While most
adventurers will always end their journey in an inn or the safety of their guildhall (or at the very least in a nice warm tent), a ranger is able to build his own shelter in the forests and jungles. This will enable rangers with sufficient knowledge of woodcraft to start from outdoor locations which would otherwise be impossible without obtaining a tent.
Call Animal
A high level Ranger is a friend to all the various animals of the forest, often risking his or her life to defend them. It is perhaps natural, therefore, that should the tables be turned, and in be the Ranger in need of aid, that he can
call in turn on his woodland friends to aid him.
Feed Animal
A ranger's animal may often become injured in combat and its life be endangered as a result. Rangers being the animal loving people they are, have been known to share their provisions with their animal kin, to keep them safe from death. Using this skill, the ranger can feed some of his food to their animal.
Rapid Shot
The rangers are experts with the bow like no others. As rangers the intricacies
of the bow they learn to shoot arrow after arrow at a rate almost too fast for the eye. Using this skill will enable a ranger to get extra shots with his bow before his opponent can react.
Repair Bow
After extended use a ranger's bow may become damaged and therefore less effective. Sometimes it may not be possible to find a a replacement weapon, and therefore rangers have learnt to make minor repairs to the bow shaft and string, prolonging its life.
Developed from a form of hunting, a high level Ranger has a formidable skill with traps and snares. Such snares are normally used to disable or trap an opponent rather than kill, although the Ranger can use any type he so desires. Choose from Tripwire, Mantrap, Pit or Spikes.
In a fight where you are not vastly stronger, the key to victory can often be simply that of surprise. Being trained in the arts of stealth, Rangers understand this, and have means to use it for their advantage.
Slice is a technique taught to Rangers as they continue to progress up the ranks. It is based on the 'feint' ability, but has been refined slightly, so that instead of allowing you a couple of extra attacks, you instead go for a single extremely accurate strike upon your out-flanked foe.
Ranged Shot
While most missile combat takes place at reasonably short range, a Ranger is skilled enough to be accurate at much longer distances. Thus with this skill she can fire an arrow into an adjacent room, and hit her enemies.
Bowyer Craft
By means of this skill, a Ranger can create a new bow out of its various components, and soon have fashioned a weapon of high quality. The Ranger will need to ensure he or she picks up a bow string from the guild, but apart from that, all the components he or she will need can be found in the wilds. Three different types are available.
Disable Snare
This ability enables rangers to disable snares which have been laid by themselves or other rangers.
Herbal Salve
Rangers often live for many months in the great outdoors, far from the safety of society. During these times they may suffer from injuries, and so they have learned to heal those injuries using herbal salves. A ranger can quickly gather up herbs to form a salve, which she can then apply to an injured limb to speed up the healing process.
Pursue Foe
Sometimes a hunt can turn into a headlong chase, with your target trying desperately to lose you. While lesser guilds would soon lose their mark, a Ranger has many ways to ensure that their foe does not escape.
Game Hunting
Just as a low level Ranger learns to forage to stave off hunger, his more senior comrades also learn techniques to provide them with food. Rather than plants, though, a more experienced Ranger can learn to hunt small game, and even to bring down larger creatures.
Arrow Volley
As a Ranger continues to advance herself, she gains in magical as well as material arts. While still unable to wield magical forces to the same degree as even the most novice Warmage, a Ranger is, unlike the Warmage, able to combine her magic with potent martial skills to cause extremely deadly effects.
Apply Bandage
While Rangers are not overly violent by nature, it is perhaps inevitable that combat needs to be sometimes joined, and wounds are often received. Now although a Ranger cannot heal such wounds by any magical methods, what he or she can certainly do is bandage a limb to prevent it from bleeding.
Rangers are experts with bows, they are also deadly when wielding swords or other bladed weapons. One little trick that seems that only Rangers have mastered is the feint. The Ranger makes an obvious attack to one side of an opponent, and then as the target moves to parry it, they slide the blade in their hand, bring the blow to strike somewhere completely different.
Rangers are experts with bows and combined with their rather nomadic and outdoor lifestyle, it is little wonder that the ability to make arrows is taught relatively early to new Rangers. But Rangers are not just able to make arrows....they are able to make very GOOD arrows, and some rather unusual enes too.
Skin Corpse
The art of tanning is something that most Rangers are quite proficient in. By using their skills, they are able to take the corpse of a monster, skin it, tan it, and shape it into either a cloak, a suit of armour, quivers and even armour for their pets.
A Ranger need never worry about running out of food when out in the wilds, as his or her exceptional knowledge of flora means that he or she will be able to find edible plants in most outdoor environments. Thus said Ranger can 'forage' and expect a fulfilling, if not entirely exciting, meal.
Forest Call
Rangers are able to call to the forest animals for aid in combat, if successful one of the larger forest animals will appear briefly inflicting a painful attack on the ranger's opponent.
Rangers are able to call upon the woodland animals to stand sentry for them. These animals will immediately warn the ranger who called them should they be disturbed by another living creature
Make Fire/Brand
Rangers being outdoor types are able to build a campfire to provide light and warmth on those dark nights in the wilderness. Fires can only be built in areas where there is sufficent wood or other combustible materials. Once you have made a fire, you can also use this skill to make a flaming brand, which you can use as a torch to light your way, or a very crude weapon to fight with..
Rangers have a great affinity with the animals of the forests and often these
animals have been known to help rangers out in times of need. The whistle skill is used by the rangers to call upon the small forest birds to distract their opponents in combat.
By use of this ability, a Ranger is able to start tracking somebody, and from that point onward, can search for tracks in the outdoors, and find any left by the tracked individual, so long as they have been left since the ranger began tracking them. Rangers with a woodcraft above 100 are able to follow tracks indoors too.
A Ranger spends most of her time outdoors and in rural settings, so it should come as no surprise that she is able to conceal herself extremely well in such surroundings should the need arrive. As long as there is sufficient cover (e.g. a forest, hills, jungle or the like), she can blend into the undergrowth so as to become virtually invisible.
Lay Sign
Rangers often wish to communicate privately, or leave messages for each other that will be beyond the understanding of lesser guilds. By means of this ability, they can do just that.
Second Wind
As any adventurer knows...exhaustion can be as deadly a foe as any monster. When someone gets exhausted their skills ebb away as a dramatic rate, leaving the person almost defenceless and unable to flee. A Ranger need not fear this to such a great extent though, for through training they have learned to be able to conserve a small pocket of their endurance and call upon it later.

+ Rangers can also join a clan from level 15 upwards, the clan chosen will have an effect on the standard skills as well as providing its own unique abilities and bonuses to the ranger.

++ Noble Rangers gain a special mastery of archery, and can fire off more shots in a round than any other guild.

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