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The Ranger Guild


Rangers are the people of the forest. They live off the products of the forest, help out animals in need and feel more at home among the trees than the tall buildings. Rangers are skilled hunters and trackers. They are also wise in the ways of animals, it has been known for animals to aid Rangers in combat.

Rangers are dedicated to nature and life in all its forms, and strive to defend it from the ravages of civilization. While personal freedoms are key to a Ranger's world view, so too is the view that life is to be preserved where possible. Thus Rangers sway decidedly towards the 'good' side on the great pendulum of good and evil.

Rangers are able to skin their prey and make their hides into armour and cloaks, this skill along with their ability to forage and hunt for food enables them to survive alone in the fierce outdoor lands of the realms. As a result of spending their lives wandering across the lands tracking animals, the Rangers are very fit and are able to travel long distances without tiring.

At higher levels Rangers can join a clan, the clans are each sworn to protect a specific animal and all clan members gain special abilities based on the animal they choose to protect.

Wizard in Charge: Stom
Deputy Wizard: Eldge
Primary Stats: Dexterity, Charisma and Constitution
Primary Skills: Attack, Blade, Projectile and Woodcraft and Stealth
Secondary Skills: Defence, Healing, Knife, Armoury and Thrown
Tertiary Skills: Bargaining, Melee, Blunt, Double wielding and Whip

Ranger Skills


From his encampment in the woods, Stom offers all Rangers and potential Rangers a chance to relax by a campfire with a mug of herbal tea, while the summoned animals frolic in the sunshine. Take your seat here.

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