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The Rogue Guild

Trip up victim
Rogues have some cunning skills to help them stay alive in fights, and this is one of them. You may attempt to trip up an enemy you are in combat with, disabling them for a couple of rounds while you may finish them off or slip away!
Using an old idea for attacking while being attacked, the Rogue masters of Sarakhan developed a form of defense/attack called 'Countering'. The idea was to be able to block the attacks of an opponent, and deal a damaging blow in the same movement.
Strip corpse
In addition to what is found in a victim's purse, some small valuables may be secreted about their person. This skill allows you to search a corpse and strip it of any valuables left behind to get a small amount of silver out of it.
Defensive Weave
Adventuring around the Realms leads rogues into many dangerous combat situations, some of which can be more than the rogue can handle safely. Thus the great Glurps perfected the art of Kali Defence, which involves a complex series of weaves using both the body and the weapon to defend against blows.
Sharpen Knife
A rogue's favourite weapon is always a knife; in a fight it is fast and can flicker to an opponent's throat in a flash. So in old times rogues learnt the trick of sharpening a knife and honing its edge to get the most damage from it.
Over the course of years, Rogues have been trying to improve the art of mugging people. This trick, perfected by the notorious rogue Valjean, allows a rogue to duck and weave through an enemy's defences and try to knock them out with one well-placed blow.
Garotte victim
There are tools of the trade that any self-respecting rogue or assassin are never without. The length of silk thread that is known as a garotte is one of those tools. Originally discovered by Mando in his travels through the Eastern Holdings, the length of string is perfect for cutting off a victim's breathing, which somewhat incapacitates them.
Twist dagger
A rogue needs to use underhanded tactics to defeat an enemy, so, the art of 'Twisting', was developed by the Rogue masters of Sarakhan. A stab, then a savage twist of the knife while withdrawing from the wound, was perfected to severely damage an opponent during combat.
The life of a rogue is full of deceipt and skullduggery, so backstabbing people or monsters comes naturally to them. This skill is used to initiate the fight, to give the rogue an underhand advantage in combat and maybe even slay the victim without further effort.
Poison food
Many a fool-hardy king or rich merchant has guarded their homes with hundreds of soldiers, but been brought low by poison slipped into their food by stealthy assassins.
The poisons available are: Deathcap, Baneberry, Deathonastick, Grothalbrew and Metz.
Poison weapon
One of the earliest developments by the master poisoners Chonjara and Cujo when they joined the Guild was a toxin that could be coated to the edge of a blade. This toxin would enter the victim's blood in combat and do damage to them even after the rogue escapes!
Pick lock
Using your skill in skullduggery you can successfully attempt to unlock even the sturdiest of doors, chests or other items.
Appraise object
It is always handy to know how much stuff that you obtain is worth before ripping off your unsuspecting customers.
Slip object
While many Rogues excel at the art of stealing, no few have utilised this skill to do the opposite, to slip items to players without them noticing.
Steal object
Stealing comes naturally to any rogue, well, the inclination to anyway. With training, and a little intelligence, this skill can become a veritable art form.
Assess victim
The life of the rogue is fast and deadly, so you cannot waste your time picking money off paupers. This skill allows you to peek at another person's money pouch and see how full it is.
Pick pocket
The deft pilfering of an unsuspecting fool's purse is meat and drink to the average rogue on the streets. Although it takes a while to reach a proficiency where it is even worth trying, and although even the very best rogues slip up sometimes, it is still definitely an excellent way to make easy money.

Snatch item

The rogue Rrenn decided his living ought to be a good one, and
so perfected the trick of snatching items from unsuspecting victims. Although they will always notice what you did, with dexterity you can overcome their strength and get away with the stolen goods.

Hide in shadows
It doesn't aid your cause if everyone in the area knows that you are around. After being chased out of town by Captain Dane and his cronies, the rogue Alien decided that enough was enough. He perfected the art of hiding in the shadows, a very good way to stake out a location until a suitable victim comes along.
Apply disguise
This ability will attempt to mask your identity. Though you will remain on the 'who' screen, to any observer in the room you will show up just as 'Highwayman'. It will even mask your height and sex!
Move stealthily
This skill allows you to leave and enter rooms without being noticed by other players to get around this; use the extra time well and to your advantage...
Sneak around
This trick allows you to very briefly become even stealthier than normal and increases your chances immensely of sneaking through a room unseen.
Sly peek

This skill is mastered early by new rogues as a useful way of looking at someone or something without being seen by everyone in the room.

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