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The Rogue Guild


Rogues are all about avarice. Through the use of stealth and subtlety it is the aim of the rogue to become as rich as they possibly can. Adept at slight of hand, rogues are masters of acquiring other adventurer's wealth through picking pockets, lifting bags, or even a crude snatch and run. Whilst they are able combatants when pressed, having a good knowledge of the bodies weak spots, a rogue should seek to avoid direct combat, fleeing rather than standing and fighting if caught with their hand in another's pocket.

The rogue guild is a strong family for those who have grown up with none. The guild also has its iron hand in the form of assassins and bandits, who may be called upon to keep the house in order, or rarely to perform a guild sanctioned assassination.

Above all a rogue should be unnoticed, a rogue which attracts too much
unfavourable attention from the town council upon themselves and the guild should expect a severe reprimand from their peers.

Races with high dexterity make the best rogues.

Wizard in Charge: Dval
Deputy Wizard: Scarlet

Common races: Halfling, Faerie, Half-orc, Artrell.
Primary Stats: Dexterity, Charisma and Intelligence
Primary Skills: Double wielding, Stealing, Knife, Defence, Stealth, Skullduggery Murder and Bargaining
Secondary Skills: Projectile, Blade, Armoury, Whip, Attack and Thrown
Tertiary Skills: Melee

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