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Prismatic Spray
The caster must meditate for a second, drawing in the disparate magical energies of his or her surroundings. The mage swirls these energies about him, and with an outstretched hand splits them into their component 'colours' of magic and unleashes them upon all his foes.
The effects of this spell can be described as nothing short of devestating. The mage sends a torrent of energy into the sky and calls down a swarm of meteors upon his foes.
Delayed Blast Fireball
The Delayed Blast Fireball is a more powerful variant of fireball and with an extra twist - it has a fuse.
To the observer of this spell, the target just seems to slow down to little more than half speed for several minutes, before suddenly returning to normal.
The mage opens a channel to the Positive Material Plane, and begins to draw in pure energy. Simultaneously, he or she will drain the magic from his or her surroundings, including other living beings! These poor unfortunates will find much of their magic power stripped
away, with the casting mage gaining every point lost. Finally, as the channeled power reaches its optimum intensity, the mage casts it all at the specified target, normally blasting lesser mortals entirely out of existance.

The ward is a powerful spell, similar in its basic form to shroud, but different in technique. It lies dormant until such a time as the caster is about to lose a limb, when it instantly flares up, reflecting the damage in its ENTIRITY back on the attacker, and leaving the caster unscathed.
By means of this spell, the warmage calls into being a blast of air drawn from the Negative Material Plane, and unleashes it upon the hapless fools who have dared to oppose him or her.
Trying to summon a Demon is a VERY risky business, for as can be expected, the latter greatly resent being forced into servitude by mere mortals. However, the pure power of the caster can sometimes scare the Demon into submissal, or ancient rites can be
invoked to magically force obedience. Summonings of Imps, Daemons and Demons are possible, and once finished with, these can then be Dismissed.


By means of this spell, the mage summons up a wall of blazing, incandescent fire, and hurls it at his/her opponent.


With this spell, the caster 'reaches' into the Elemental Plane of Fire, and creates a temporary channel. A pea sized ball of fire appears at his or her fingertips, and shoots towards his or her foe, before exploding upon impact in a terrible conflaguration.
Over the years, many of the Magi of the Realms have researched a sister spell to Fireball - one that would rather draw on the chill powers of cold for its force.
This rather amusing spell frees the targets 'id' and 'ego' from their normal restraints imposed by the 'super-ego'. The net result is that the target will be completely unable to act in a rational manner.
The mage summons a gate to the lower planes, which appears as a writhing, circle of flames, and then attempts to force the target through it.
This is a spell beloved of those with power enough to cast it, for it allows the mage to cast again immediately, without the normal delay between spells.
When the spell is cast, the mage temporarily loses the ability to cast any magic whatsoever. His or her body expands, and muscles swell until the caster resembles nothing so much as a Giant Warrior!
The death shroud helps protect against attack as would a clerical shield, but in a rather different way. Instead of merely negating the damage, it reflects some of it back upon the inflictor, leaving only a reduced amount to effect the mage. However, a mage should understand the workings of the shroud well, because it has two important drawbacks.
With this spell, the warmage draws in energy from the Positive Material Plane, and unleashes a bolt of pure energy at the named target.
Burning Hands
When cast, this spell will allow you to shoot burning jets of flame from your fingertips, torching whosoever you choose to strike down.
Cone of Cold
This spell requires a knowledge of the elemental planes, for it combines the powers of Air and Water and causes a rapid temperature drop directly before the Warmage's outstretched hand.
Dark Orb
With this spell, the mage opens a weak channel to the Negative Material Plane, and uses it to suck light and heat from his or her vicinity. This draining does no damage, but instead plunges the warmage's location into a magic sphere of darkness.
This spell opens a primitive gate to the Positive Material Plane, whence the Warmage draws a small amount of energy, and binds it into a small sphere. This sphere gives off light steadily, though with time the energy begins to dissipate, and the glow decreases proportionally.
With the aid of this spell, a Warmage may wreak havoc amoung the ranks of his or her foe, for it absolutely disintegrates a named item.
Anti Magic Shield
Creates an Anti-Magic shield around the caster, that helps nullify magic flung at the caster. The effectiveness of the shield varies sharply with proficiency.
By casting the Enchantment Arcane upon a weapon, the magus infuses it with mana, strengthening it. It becomes more potent, and magically hardened.
This spell is designed for emergency use; when the Warmage has been imprisoned, is about to be captured or killed and the like. Its effect is to transport you DIRECTLY back to the Warmage Hall, no matter what distance.

The Legend Lore spell tries to tune into any magical vibrations in the target object, in an attempt to learn what magical properties, if any, it has.
This terrible spell causes the horrified victim to contract the hideous Elmer Fudd curse. The effects of this malady are far too terrible to mention here.
Mirror creates a number of duplicate images of the caster, which move and fight as if they were the real thing. These images are only partly real, though, and so rarely inflict damage in combat.
The spell conjures up a fine mist of water droplets, which reduce visibility drastically. In addition, footing becomes treacherous, with the effect that combat becomes significantly more difficult.
By means of this spell, the Mage draws him or herself up to their full height, and reveals the terror of his of her demonic masters to the target (or to their current opponent if one is not specified). Most mortals will turn and flee at the sight.
Another spell for those mages who believe in getting to the top by dragging others to the ground, this excellent spell will cause the target to have difficulty in performing normally routine actions associated with the skill.
By means of Conjure's power, a warmage can bring into existance one of a number of magical weapons or items of armour out of thin air. The items that can be created are: Cloak, Robes, and Staff.

Magic Missile
The Magic Missile is the most simple of the offensive arsenal available to a Warmage.
This spell will surround the target in a cage of shimmering magical force. They will stop their wanderings, and be unable to escape.
This spell enables a Warmage to trace a square in the air before him or her, which slowly becomes cloudy. The caster then need only concentrate on an individual that is known to them, and the clouds will slowly part to reveal this individuals location.
This spell allows you to read the text on an item with a greatly increased chance of success. The spell works best improving an existing language, but at higher levels, provides an excellent proficiency with any language at all.

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