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The Warmage Guild


Warmages are spell casters of the highest calibre. They draw their power from a number of sources, ranging from the elemental powers of the earth, to the Demonic entities that lurk in the outer planes. Basically Warmages are totally absorbed in their magic, either as a means to material gain, or just for the pure pleasure of casting spells, as they relish being part of the minority who can understand the arcane lore required to wield magic.

In combat, and matters of stealth and faith, Warmages fare poorly, for all their time is devoted to the perusal of eldrytch literature, much of which is better left unread. They need a very high intelligence to comprehend such works, and a high wisdom helps them wield more magical might. Dexterity is also of use to them, for the intricate gestures and sigils that must be made and written require fluidity of movement.

At the low levels, when their grasp of the magical arts is but limited, Warmages have a very hard time, but when they reach the levels of Magus, they are formidable opponents indeed!

Wizard in Charge: Azazel
Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom and Dexterity
Primary Skills: Magic attack, Magic defence, Conjuring and Staff
Secondary Skills: Projectile, Defence, Knife, Bargaining, Blunt and Thrown
Tertiary Skills: Armoury, Melee, Attack and Blade

Warmage Spells

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