Archived Player of the Moment* No.1
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

This was the first. The very first Player of the Week*, brought to the brand new re-launched website back in June 1999.

Baroness Handy DaRandey -
Cleric Leader, Drakenwood Council Member

Handy DeRandey is 27, and the only child of Vanya. Her rise to the top of the Cleric Ranks, and Noble status has not been an easy one. Her determination of spirit, and forceful love of the Cleric Gods, has given her flair and gutsy fight. She now sweeps through the Western Realms, passionately eliminating all heathen and faithless evil. In her own words..

'I warn you, do not encour my anger. For I am the surgeon of sin. I cut it out where I find it. Witches, I seek out and burn. Necromancers, I tourture unto death. Mages that traffic with unclean spirits I destroy. Those who deal in the misery of others I bring to justice. In the name of the gods I vanquish the foes of humanity, so stand aside......or suffer my rightous wrath!'

She leads the Cleric Guild with pure rightousness, and you would be unwise indeed to blaspheme against the Gods that the Cleric Church hold so dearly. Beware evil doers, beware the godless, Handy DeRandey can find you..

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