Notoriety Award for Player of the moment*
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

Elephant MUD has some wonderful regular visitors. It has some truely dreadful regular visitors too, mind you, but every community has people they like to trip up and laugh at.

This award is delivered to a player who brings something strong, fearless and devoted to our Realms. Someone who knows their history, knows their destiny, and fights for what they believe in. It is voted on in secret, based on all manner of issues. Clarity of thought, characterisation, purpose and many other reasons. The players who bring most to the Western Realms, can be found here. Perhaps one day, your name will be here?

So, without further ado, here are some rather exciting choices to be made.

A) Go straight to Player of the moment No. 10

B) View staggeringly well archived previous Players of the Moment?*

Player No. 1 - Handy
Player No. 2 - Eldge
Player No. 3 - Moloch
Player No. 4 - Goldmoon
Player No. 5 - Avn
Player No. 6 - Jase
Player No. 7 - Brax
Player No. 8- Tess
Player No. 9 - Gnarll

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