Archived Player of the Moment* No.6
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

It's week 6 (no really it is). After well over a year of deliberating we finally found someone worthy of the acolade of 'Player of the Week'

Jase - Leader of the Monk Guild, and 
respected Council Member

Who better to follow in the Mighty Avn's footsteps than Jase SoulStar. Son of Nalan SoulStar and Megan, brother of Valerian SoulStar Jase has achieved much in his 42 years of existence. Despite his young age Jase is a member of House Scelus and Leader of the Monk Guild. His participation in Council combines youthful enthusiasm and a proactive passion for doing what's right not only in view of his Guild but the Realms as a whole.

Sitting before you, you see a medium sized figure in a long black robe and hood. You can see the ears of the figure before you poke the hood out in a small fashion and you believe the person to be a half-elf. As you turn to go, since the figure does not move to acknowledge your presence, you see a small flicker of movement on the edge of your vision. The hood has been thrown back and the arms of the robes have been rolled up, showing a glowing aura of gold around both of his arms. You notice upon closer inspection that the glowing comes from two dragon tattoos that depict a far eastern dragon coiling about his arms, the heads coming to rest on the backs of his hands.

After you shake off the feeling of looking at something that should not be you notice his face. High cheek bones and extremely bright silver eyes tell you that he is highly intelligent and noble. His mouth is turned into a casual smile at the way you have been staring for such a long time. He slowly moves forward and touches your head. Flashes of peaceful scenes flood into your mind along with fierce battles and carnage of untold magnitude. You gasp in awe and come to your senses. You look around but all your eyes see is a faint after-glow of the golden aura that still affects your vision. The half-elven Lord you saw before you is gone...

Another Player of the Week disinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next time*?

Another Player of the Momentdisinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next time?

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