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Notoriety Award for Player of the Moment* No. 9

Tess Ahriman, Rogue and looter of Council coffers has held the title of Player of the Moment for long enough, it's now time for her to hand the mantle


The Fighter Guild is one of the most popular and busy guilds in the Western Realms. So there are many Fighters adventuring out and about. Every now and then there's one that seriously stands out from the crowd. This one is a character in the true sense of the word and is renowned for his rough speaking, no messing attitude and of course, his penchant for pies...

Gnarll Starfury

A slightly tubby yet extremely muscly half-orc that isn't very tall at 5'8" but you can tell he's a walking powerhouse of pain. Blood stained, tangled hair party masks a haggard scarred face with broken, rotten teeth protruding from dry, cracked, split lips. As you make eye contact you see a distant and crazed look in his eyes, you feel somewhat un-nerved by this so quickly look down to see the huge sword clutched tightly in his right hand is bent and chipped and the jewels are missing from the once ornate hilt. His armour is grubby, covered with dirt and dried blood with an unusual codpiece that appears to be made from....... a human face, a look of sheer terror spread across it.

Another Player of the Moment disinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next week*?

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