Archived Player of the Moment* No.5
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

It's week 5. After much pondering and thoughtful deliberation another Player was selected and added for your opinions and hushed awe. For it was time, time for the powerful woman of the realm to storm in and take control. Let's hear it for Avn...

This small gnome looks at you with sparkling eyes. Her huge nose looks rather cute on her tiny face, and her short, jet black hair shines with a natural beauty.

Avn looks fit and healthy, as any well-trained monk should. The muscles on her arms and legs show the many years of training she
has endured, to become a quick and agile monk. As you look at her
body, you realise that the muscles alone cannot describe her immense power, as there is something else, something you cannot see, but which you know instinctively gives her the edge over any physical fighter.

Mental agility, combined with the physical strength of a score of men and a gift - a gift of harmony - makes this woman one not to be reckoned with.

Avn - Leader of the Monk Guild, and 
respected Council Member

  The thoughts of many men and many monks have gone unheard. The ideas of many teachers and many students have gone unused.

The Monks are different.

Each person, each animal, each life, has something to teach, something to give.

Do not dismiss Good or Evil, they are two sides of the same coin. Do not prefer black or white, together they create an eternal spectrum of colour.

No extreme can be found, as within each extreme is an example of the opposite. How can you have an extreme if there is nothing to which to compare it?

The Monks work with the world, the sphere, which represents the shape of all things. Everything can be located at a position in this sphere, everything is relative to the rest.

Harmony is the world, the world is Harmony.

Another Player of the Momentdisinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next time?

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