Archived Player of the Moment* No.6
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

Notoriety Award for Player of the Moment* No. 7
After many many months of deliberating we finally found an adventurer who could shoulder the honour of being the 'Player of the Moment'.


What better person to take this title than the head of the most powerful and prolific House on the Mud. The elven recipient of this award seemingly came into this world through miracle, as her parents, Handy and Tylorva are both female**.

Head of family DeRandy and wife of Lord Vonk our Player of the Moment took over the leadership of House Alluminas when Handy DeRandy ascended to Wizhood.

We bring you none other than...

Duchess Brax DeRandy
Noble member of the Warmage and Druid Guilds,
Head of House Alluminas

Usually found sporting the latest Warmage conjured items of Robes and cloak in what is now her traditional set of Bright red and Yellow design. Obviously a Warmage from the array of mirrors, spell component pouches and aura from her, but also, a strange sense of calm also can be felt emanating from this dark haired individual.

As she looks at you with her round sparkling green eyes you get a sense of age and wisdom, unawares if it is the person before you or if it is the aura of Magikal arts that are contained within her, for obviously this mage has learnt a trick or two in her times.

Finally she blinks finishing what was a quick assessment of you, and you realise you havent moved in what seams like very long moments, and asks you softly if you need anything, an enchantment perhaps, or even just a small light orb to see you on your way.

You shake your head slowly and she nods, 'well, you know where to find me should you change your mind' and with that she closes her eyes and starts to mutter, with an almost unperceivable movement of her hands a flash startles you, leaving you blinking Staring at where once she stood the fading images of what were her mirrors.

Looking down you find that your weapon is glowing slightly with a faint glow and a soft chuckle ringing in your ears.

** She was actually born well before the magical spell of gender changing had been cast upon the famous Cleric Handy DeRandy.

Another Player of the Week disinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next week*?

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