Archived Player of the Moment* No.6
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

Notoriety Award for Player of the Moment* No. 8

Brax has dutifully held the banner of Player of the Moment for long enough, it is now time to hand it on to someone else....


We have never yet had a Rogue Leader as Player of the Moment. This is mainly due to the fact that Rogues are all a bunch of tricksy scum bags who you wouldn't trust to walk your granny across the road.

This Rogue however has shone out and caught our notice. Not because she is particularly kind-hearted, what Rogue is? But because she took over the Leadership of the Rogue guild from Grim who was a reknowned and well-liked Rogue leader, and despite having a very hard act to follow, she has been a steady hand on the tiller of the guild during some very difficult times. She has worked long and hard to ease relations that were at breaking point between the Rogues and law abiding citizens of the Western Realms, something which has been greatly beneficial to Rogues and non-rogues alike.

We bring you none other than...

Tess Ahriman
Rogue Leader

This scruffy looking halfling is short, short enough to look like a very dirty child. She peers up at you defiantly and plays with the dagger handle at her belt. Although she looks young, this halfling is well traveled and well experienced. If you would like to 'talk to Tess' she may impart some of her wisdom, otherwise it might be best to leave her alone.

Another Player of the Week disinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next moment*?

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