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Notoriety Award for Player of the Moment* No. 10

Gnarll Starfury of the Fighter Guild has been lured off the Player of the Moment page by a plate full of pies that he could not resist, making way for a new player!


Our new Player of the Moment (PotM) is someone who has made their mark on the Western Realms in more ways than one. Having an arguably positive impact on morale our new PotM has lead their guild through multiple Council Terms. Not content with this, he was the one to discover the first hints of the new Realm of Rosfarren and then made it his business to be in the first pioneering team to set food in the new town of Dun Glenderry. We are of course talking about....

Hawksley Wildheart

Despite reaching his middle years many summers ago, Hawksley still has the look of a child to him. His face is as smooth as that of a ten year old human, and he barely reaches two and a half foot from the ground, even with the mass of black curls sticking out in every direction from the top of his head.

Dressed entirely in greens and browns, and covered in filth, you can see (and smell) that he belongs to the Rangers' Guild, and the bow and quiver he carries back this up. Following him at a short distance is a huge, grey wolf, which looks the size of a horse compared to the little halfling.

His feet remain bare, though the tops of them are covered in the same black curls as his head, although perhaps better groomed. His mannerisms are quite child-like aswell, you notice, as he giggles and blushes when he notices you watching him. He turns his back to you and goes back to fiddling with an arrow, but the wolf continues to watch you, and you notice a glint of intelligence
in his yellow eyes.

The wolf growls quietly in the back of his throat, and both he and the halfling wander off into the wilderness. You guess it's the wolf that wears the trousers in this relationship.

Another Player of the Moment disinfected..er..disected for your pleasure.. who will it be next week*?

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