Archived Player of the Moment* No.4
*Week, month, indeterminable amount of time. Whatever.

Week 4, we brought you a Player of the Week who explained himself in his own words. At 31 he is wise in the ways of the Realms, but he didn't seem to want to mention the 54 visits to the Dryad though..

Baron Goldmoon the Keeper of Balance -
Druid Leader and Fighter.

A tall and noble elf stands before you. His large and imposing frame is offset by his soft, kind smile. His eyes betray a wisdom far beyond his years, for although he is very young, he has the look of someone who has seen a great many things. His smile broadens as he notices your gaze and he bows deeply to you.

'Yes, I have seen more than most..'

'Many years ago I reached the heights of immortality, and for a long time I watched my brothers and sisters fight for balance and nature.'

'Through watching them I realised that I was of little use to my brethren up in the realms of the immortals; that my true place was amongst them, battling the forces that would try to dominate this world, be they good or evil. And so, I did that which many called foolish. I gave up my immortality, the ultimate powers of creation and destruction, and I joined my fellow druids back in the realms of Drakenwood.'

'What so few people realise is that it is the constant risk of death that trully makes us alive. That without the struggle to survive, we are nothing..'

'So, here I am. I have returned to the realms to lead the druids into a new era, a time of change, but a time ultimately of balance. When the whole world shall finally understand that without a balance of good and evil, this world will perish. The battle seems never ending, but nature always prevails..'

With that Goldmoon swirls his cloak around him and disappears into the shadows. You are left pondering his words and wondering how your own life fits into the balance of things.

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