Elephant MUD in Fashionable T-Shirt Merchandise Shocka!

Only a few left!!!

Its true! After eons of research, we have found a supplier with whose quality we are happy.

Elephant MUD Commemorative Armour
Yes, the myth is now finally a reality.

After many months searching amongst the merchants of the Realms we have finally located goods of a suitable quality to meet the most exacting standards that you would expect of the Western Realms Wizards.

You are therefore cordially invited to become the owner of a fine Elephant MUD Commemorative T-shirt.

Lovingly hand-crafted in heavy duty black cotton and tastefully decorated front and rear, this item is guaranteed to protect from cones of cold cast by any passing frost giants and is almost certainly the finest pulling tool in the known world (especially in the hands of Avn - you have been warned!).

And all this for the bargain price of just twelve of your British pounds! The shirts (in medium, large or extra large) can be paid for with either cash or cheque.

They can be delivered to your door via post-elf for an additional pound (that's thirteen pounds for the fighters out there). Please see the address at the bottom of this post for details of where to send your money.

For our American friends, the cost delivered to you door will be 25 dollars. If you would like a shirt then please contact us and I will give you the payment details which are slightly different as you would imagine, and then the shirts will be mailed out.

For our friends in other parts of the world then please contact us and we'll arrange a suitable payment and delivery method.

Any profits from this venture will be put towards the upgrading of Elephant MUD.

Cost - Thirteen Pounds (12 pounds for the shirt + 1 pound P&P)

Elephant Mud T-Shirt Front Design.

T-Shirt Front.

Please mudmail before sending payments so that we can ensure a shirt is reserved for you, and please ensure that you give both your mud name and real name so that we can match up the orders.

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