Keeping out the cold
In the frigid northern wastes around Rathowen mutterings are being heard in even the most respected of public houses. The tales tell of a strange Kkeep hiding deep, dark secrets, a common story told to scare the children into obedience, but this one is beginning to scare the adults too. Those who have ventured inside the walls to have disappeared, leaving families and friends to rage at the foolish wanderlust of their loved ones. This tall tale is becoming ever more real and something must be done. What is the truth behind these rumors? Who or what dwells in this strange keep and what has it to do with these disappearances. The truth must be discovered, but at what cost?
((4th November 2006)

Major change to how Healing works

How It Worked Before
Healing on Ele was accomplished by one of three methods:

1) Eating/Drinking
2) Using Spells
3) Using Magic.

What was not widely known is that there was also a 'natural' healing rate, so that your hp/mp etc went up on their own. This natural healing rate was so slow, however, that for all pratical purposes it was non-existant. This meant that without a friendly cleric along, the only real way to heal was to eat and drink food. Food and drink gave an immediate boost to your hp and mp. However, you would become bloated if you were to eat too much.

What Was Wrong Before
A number of things.

  • Without money to buy food, you were unable to heal in any sensible way. This was especially hard on new players, who lack funds to buy heals or the knowledge as to other 'obscure' mechanisms. This has always been a key issue that we have long wanted to address.

  • You got an instant boost that could only be used out of combat. However the bloating effect often led to people having to hang around for extended times trying to 'debloat', which is not a particularly fun activity.

  • The potion like features of food and drink meant that nobody ever used actual potions! Why bother when food is cheap and cheerful!

  • It encourages in/out combat styles, whereby someone would fight, rush out, down a pie in 1 second, and rush back in. This style of play has exasperates the bloating effects, often leading to a couple of minutes of play followed by 5 minutes of sitting around while bloating wears off.

  • Finally there was no incentive for the higher level players to use high level heals. Many did to save bag space, but you would get just as much healing from 2 small items as 1 big one. This skewed the economy quite seriously and prevented us from dropping prices for low level players.

Why Do We Care?
We believe all of the above issues are bad. We want to help our low level players avoid early bankruptcy. We want to differentiate food/drink from potions. We want to eliminate the tedious debloating.

And while we are at it we want to help with stamina too ;)

How It Works Now
Things have changed in a number of key ways:

  1. Potions are now available for a full range of levels that instantly heal hp, mp or both. These can be used in combat and the only limitation is that you may only take one potion every 30 seconds.

  2. Food no longer heals you instantly. Instead food and/or drink takes 4 seconds to eat, during which time you may not move. At the end of that time the healing effect from the item will be delivered over 20 seconds. You do not need to stay still for this, although you cannot eat another item of the same type (food, drink, alcohol) during this time. The healing effect also stops at once if you enter combat.

  3. Food and drink no longer causes any bloating effects. Yes - bloating is a think of the past. As soon as that 20 second period is done, you can eat immediately again. You may do this as often as you like with no bloating.

  4. Food only heals hp. Non-alcoholic drinks only heal mp. Alcohol helps stamina regen. This means you will want to carry a range of items to help you best heal. In particular the stamina boost from alcohol will be of great value. Unlike food and drink it releases this bonus over a longer period than 20 seconds. You CAN eat and drink in quick succession. Ie while you cannot actually eat something and drink at exactly the same time (the 4 second 'no move' period) the 20 second healing periods CAN run concurrently. Likewise with alcohol.

  5. Each item of food/drink now heals approximately 33% more than it did
    before. This means more healing for each silver coin spent. Again, this
    will help our low level players especially.

  6. Natural healing is hugely improved. You will now be able to heal from mortally wounded to full in around 10-15 minutes even without any other form of healing. All you need do is avoid combat for this period of time. Thus for those not in a rush, one can save huge quantities of money. Again, this is especially relevant for low level players. This natural healing DOES stack with the effect of food and drink, as well as potions.

  7. The natural healing period has been dropped from 30 to 20 seconds. Not that you would really notice before, but now you will get 'natural' heal bonuses every 20 seconds as opposed to every 30 as it was before.

  8. Caffeine drinks have been abolished. Only time will now remove alcohol
    (or a friendly Druid!), but the effects of alcohol are now changed. You will heal stamina faster, but you'll still fight like an idiot. Clearly alcohol is best used for recovering after fights or travelling. (But I dont want to see people drink-driving chariots!!)

  9. Your race affects your natural healing rate. Fit/healthy races will tend to recover hp faster. Intelligent races will tend to recover mp faster. Thus an elf will recover hp slower than a human, but mp faster. This only applies to the natural healing, not the effect from food/potions etc

How Does It Affect Me
Testing suggests that overall the effect will be positive for nearly all people, although naturally it will take some getting used to! In testing, people who are playing constantly, but not 'powermudding' will find themselves exping at around the same rate, but using far less healing. By using potions with the money saved their exp rate can go up noticably.

Powermudders will not notice much difference. The pauses introduced by the eat/drink period offset those from bloating/stamina. What you will find is you will see a number of small pauses, instead of a massive one as your stamina runs out or you become bloated. Dont forget - no more bloating! By using potions and burning a little extra money, they can now become 'hardcore' in a way previouslsy impossible. Their is now a balance that powermudder characters can strike between cash flow and exp flow that is entirely in their own hands.

The only people unlikely to benefit are those engaged in high level difference in/out combat, something that we have always disliked as a play style. It allows spellcasters in particular to take on monsters significantly more powerful than anyone else could go near. This will not prohibit this style, however it does not benefit from some of the cost saving advantages that others will see. In particular, the delay in eating does not lend itself to the in/out style. That said, in/out combat also suffers terribly from bloating, so by adjusting play style by a small degree, spell casters will be able to fight just as well as ever before. (24th August 2006)

Strange howling
A local fur trapper in Rathowen has been heard mumbling something to himself about a new path being discovered; one rocky and treacherously snowy leading towards a large mountain west of Rathowen. Strange howling has also been heard - are you brave enough to explore this recently discovered area? (30th July 2006)

58AE Mudlympics
Has the practice of slaughtering the fluffy bunnies infesting the wandering woods begun to lose its appeal? Feel that what you would really like to do is settle some old scores and prove once and for all that your guild is the best? Well my friend you are in luck for starting shortly are our own annual summer games the Mudlympics.

So what are these Mudlympics I hear you ask. To put it briefly they are an annual tradition on Elephant Mud consisting of two weeks of daily events such as Arena Combat, Tribble Hunts, Fishing, Races and other fun activites. The Mudlympics are designed to be fun for everyone no matter how experienced you are so don't feel that because you have not taken part in the Mudlympics before you stand no chance. There really is something for everyone so don't be shy, log on and join in.

The opening ceremony for the Mudlympics 58AE takes place on Tuesday 1st August, beginning a fortnight of fun for everyone. Why not join us! Of course, for the most up-to-date details on what's happening and when, you should check out the Adventurer's Board on Elephant Mud. Don't forget, to keep an eye on this section to get updates on key events.

Timetable of events below:

Event 1
Event 2
Tue 1st Opening Ceremony Fishing Expert (25+)
Wed 2nd Arena Championship (1-5) RPS Advanced (17-24)
Thur 3rd Arena Championship (16-20)
Fri 4th Arena Championship (6-10)
Sat 5th 200m Spring RPS Expert (25+)
Sun 6th 1500m Wilderness Chase Fishing Intermediate (9-16)
Mon 7th RPS Beginner (1-8)
Tue 8th Arena Championship (21-24)
Wed 9th Arena Championship (11-15)
Thur 10th Arena Championship (25-29)
Fri 11th Fishing Advanced (17-24)
Sat 12th
Rest day
Sun 13th Team Tribble Hunting
Mon 14th Fishing Beginners (1-8) RPS Intermediate (9-16)
Tue 15th Mudlympic Hunt Closing Ceremony

(26th July 2006)

We are pleased to announce that Moloch has been promoted to the position of Eldar Wizard. Each promotion on Elephant Mud is done purely on the basis of projects completed and responsibilities taken on. A promotion to Eldar Wizard can only be earned by dedication and hard work.

So congratulations to Moloch and we're sure you will join us in thanking him
for all his hard work!
(4th May 2006)

Election Results
The voting boxes have been closed, the votes counted and the results announced. We have a brand new Council moving their belongings into the Council chambers as we speak.

Results for the Monk Elections

Nalan 25%  

Results for the Druid Elections






Results for the Fighter Elections





22% 2nd votes: 100%


22% 2nd votes: 0%


11% 2nd votes: 0%


11% 2nd votes: 0%

Results for the Rogue Elections





10% 2nd votes: 66%


10% 2nd votes: 0%

Results for the Warmage Elections





14% 2nd votes: 33%


14% 2nd votes: 0%

Results for the Cleric Elections





Results for the Ranger Elections
Derob 7%  

(1st May 2006)

New Stagecoach Timetables
We are pleased to announce that following increased customer numbers and reduced operating costs, a number of the Stagecoach operators are now offering faster routes and new services. A summary of the major changes are:

Drakenwood to Valena
New express stagecoach now in operation, starting earlier, finishing later, more frequent and quicker.

Drakenwood to MirrorTown
Service now starts earlier and finishes later

MirrorTown to Valena
New express stagecoach in operation, starting earlier, finishing later, more frequent and quicker

MirrorTown to Rathowen
New express stagecoach in operation with the same bonuses as the above

Rathowen to Dun Glenderry
Existing route now starts earlier and finishes later. In addition an express stagecoach has been added

All in all we hope that this will make those long distance journies a little more convenient for those happy to pay the express fares. (17th April 2006)

PKDay Winners!
The first Elephant Mud Pk Day session has now completed and the top 10 rankings now stand as the following:

Name K/D Ratio
Grimmer 9.00
Willus 4.40
Lor 3.00
Mizt 2.11
Grim 2.11
Feral 2.00
Electa 1.52
Evenstar 1.49
Alien 1.27
Cujo 1.27

Grimmer has an early lead but needs to prove how well it can be retained
in a few more fights! Willus is close on his heels, with Mizt and Grim tied for 4th and 5th respectively!

Those k/d ratios will be saved and a real-time high score table will be built to allow you to see how you compare! (4th April 2006)

PkDay Ele? What on earth is that?
PkDay Ele is the return of a concept from the misty early days of Elephant Mud, but updated to be completely new and improved. We will be running these regularly.

In effect PK Ele is a carbon copy of Elephant Mud, but with a few important differences:

  • Its PK only! All monsters (other than Shopkeepers, Food and Drink vendors and healers - you'll be needing them!) explode as soon as you enter the room with them, dropping their kit on the floor!

  • Everyone can attack everyone at any time! None of that wussy idle protection, safe rooms, protection during edit etc!

  • Everyone is the same level! That level will vary each game but ensures a completely even playing field.

  • You cannot gain or lose exp, skills or stats. Meaning that only your skill
    and your ability to equip yourself will decide who wins!

  • Nothing saves! So each game its a level playing field and none of what
    happens to you will affect your main Ele character, EXCEPT your Kill to Death ratio. But more on that below....

  • You can change race and guild before each fight. So dont worry if you think that guild X is better at Pk than guild Y - you can try both!

  • When you die you come immediately back to life once you escape Death, appearing with no penalty in a random room of the mud! Kit back up and get back into the fray!

Okkkk.....that sounds a bit...brutal?
Just a little. Its a chance to prove your skills in the most hardcore and bloody way possible. But safe in the knowledge that your main Ele character will not suffer if it all gets a bit....messy :) And by making everyone the same level you can really fight a fair fight with no excuses about X being a level above or having a high level friend casting protections on him etc. Its just you and your Pk skills that will determine it.

How do I kit up?
None of those silly kit rooms here! When monsters blow up and drop their kit you should keep what you need, sell the rest and spend the money on heals to keep you alive. Remember - there are no friends on PkDay Ele!

How does it start?
Well the mud will reboot every hour and each reboot itll be all new, with fresh monsters, new levels etc. The first 5 minutes is spent in the waiting room during which time you can change guild or race (although you cannot use any guild or race abilities until the actual fight starts!), see the results of the High Score table and explain to your enemies quite how you will kill them this time.

After 5 minutes you can leave and have THIRTY SECONDS during which time you can neither attack or be attacked. Use this time to run away from everyone else in search of kit!

After that its just kill, kill, kill!

People joining late appear in the start room, with the same immunity when they first leave.

How about skills, stats, hp, mp etc
Each guild has its skills and stats set at different levels. PRIMARY skills and stats are set at 100% of level max. SECONDARIES are set at 80%. TERTIARY skills are set at 60%.

Hit points and magic points are set at a default value based on your guid, level and stats.

Finally race also impacts you by giving you the normal stat and skill bonuses.

Whats this Kill/Death ratio?
Thats the only thing that saves. Its the ratio between the number of people
youve killed and the number of times youve died. At the end of each full
session of PkDay Ele, this will get copied over to your main Ele character
and be visible as a permanent record of your PkDay skills!

Sounds great! How do I play?
Simple - The connection details will be posted when the PkDay is announced. Log in either as your existing character (if you want all your aliases etc), or create a brand new one. Dont forget though - once created new characters wont save, so youll need to set up aliases and nicknames each time!
(2nd April 2006)

Impending Doom?
Strange things have been stirring in Drakewood of late, coinciding with the
arrival of a slightly jittery Doomsayer. Predictions of impending doom tumble
from his mouth like leaves fall in autumn, yet there seems to be some truth
in his ramblings.

A powerful demonic entity has been seen in the bowels of Nottingham Castle. To make matters worse the three Sentinels that guard a powerful rift to the lower hells have been unusually active of late. (20th January 2006)

Admin Announcement
I am pleased to announce that Dval Earthrender has been promoted to the
position of Sage Wizard and has thus joins the ranks of Admin.

Unlike the other Wizard ranks, the position of Admin is granted purely on an invite-only basis, and only to those Wizards who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty and been a driving force behind the advancement of Elephant Mud.

Admin are charged with setting direction and managing the overall development of the Mud, and thus have a critical role to play in its continued success.

Supported by the Wizards, they oversee and direct area development, coordinate events and encounters, ensure fair-play and above all else, endeavour to make Ele an enjoyable and fun place to spend your time!

An active and skilled Admin team is thus crucial for the ongoing success of Elephant Mud, and Dval will be a key part of that going forward. (15th January 2006)

Time to Party!
The way that exp is shared when multiple people work together to kill a monster has been changed. The change will be of great benefit to those who
enjoy partying to defeat monsters.

What Was Wrong Before
The Elephant Mud partying system worked much better than elsewhere, and removed a lot of the flaws seen in older systems while maintaining the ability to party together to get exp. However, it did have its problems. For one thing, being in a party had no actual meaning par se. Since you would gain the exp based on your share, it didnt matter if you were in a party or not. Secondly,
it assumed that all guilds did roughly equal damage over time. Ie that a Warmage may do short sharp bursts, but that a Fighter would do less damage per round, but over more rounds than the Warmage could stand. While this was true for many combinations, it tended to undervalue 'support' spells and

We thus found that partying was only really popular between people of the same guild, or guilds very equally matched in offensive potential. This rules out many of the more traditional combos of parties.

It's important that partying is a viable option for any combination of guilds, not just those closely matched in offensive power. This needed to change because it made partying inefficient for many people, and we believe that partying is an important party of the game.

How It Works Now
The system now is far more complex, but draws elements from both the
'traditional' and more modern systems. The key features of the system are:

* Exp is once again shared equally between party members, rather than based
on damage done.

* When multiple people who are not in a party attack a monster, the shares
are based on damage done as before. This also applies if two parties attack the monster (shares are even within each party, but the ratio between the parties depends on damage done).

* In order to qualify for a share when a piece of damage is done you must be in the room with the monster and in combat with it. No shares are awarded to absent party members or those not actively fighting. As soon as you join in the fight you will get a share of the exp from future damage.

* When shares are awarded, they are only equal if everyone is the same level.
If there is a level range, then higher level people will get a greater share. If a level 20 and a level 10 fought the same monster in a party then the level 20 would get the vast majority of the exp.

How Does It Effect Me
It means that any guild combos can now effectively party again, while not falling foul of the many pitfalls in the 'traditional' system that we had overcome in our previous one.

Kill stealing is still impossible, and support guilds and offensive guilds can once again share out the exp equally, with the value of any cures, shields, entangles and so on now recognised and rewarded.

We recommend that you party with people of similar level, as this will ensure that you are all contributing to the same degree and all receiving an equivalent reward.

Pets will now influence their master's share, rather than gaining a share of their own. This means that exp done by a Demon, say, will get shared out exactly as if the Warmage had done it. Those who have partied with someone using a pet will have seen than the caster effectively got an additional share. The level of the pet makes no difference to the share. (12th December 2005)

Interguild Quiz
The Mudmeet saw the return of the Interguild Quiz Championship. As always this was a very close run race, but surprisingly, the smallest team won...

It came down to a tie between the Rangers and the Fighters, and the Fighters won on the tiebreaker question of:

How many individual rooms are there on the Mud? - Including the seas.

The answer is of course 215,314 (and counting).

The Fighters, closest with 212,000 became the winners of the Interguild Mud Quiz!

They were rewarded with +5hps each and sponsorshop of the young elephant, Icholta. Just 6 years old, she was abandoned by her mother and became stuck in the mud of a drying water hole in Marsabit. Luckily she was rescued and given expert care at the David Sheldrik Wildlife Trust's Nairobi Nursery.

Icholta becomes the Fighters official adoptive elephant. We hope
they'll take good care of her!

Full details fo Icholta and a movie of her and her friends will be on the website soon! (21st November 2005)

New Realm?
Following the discovery of letters on a carrier pigeon shot down by Ranger Derob, a corpse washed up on the beach in Drakenwood and the death of a stanger in Rathowen a man known as Dharol arrived in the frontier town and opened up a stage coach to a place known as Dun Glenderry. Adventurer's set out to explore the new route at once and discovered not simply a new town but an entirely new Realm know as Rosfarren.

Many exciting and new adventurers lie in this Realm and mid-level explorers are encouraged to discover what the new lands may hold for them. (16th November 2005)

As a reward for all of their hard work Eldge and Moloch have been promoted to Senior Wizards and Handy, Prozac and Scarlet to Eldar Wizard. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all four for the enormous amount of time and effort they have put into Ele and hope they continue to enjoy their new roles.
(19th November 2005)

Following the shooting of a strange carrier pigeon and the discovery of a corpse a number of items were recovered. Hawksley Wildheart tells the tale in his own words:

As is often the case with younger Rangers, at a moment of excitement the adventurer Derob shot an arrow high into the sky to show his abilities to the realms. On this occasion, however, it seems a pigeon was unlucky enough to fly into the path of the arrow. Now, some of you may know me, and I like to think of myself as a knowledgeable Ranger. I've studied and worked alongside many animals in my time, but I've never, in all my years, seen this type of pigeon.

Where it came from, I have no idea. What I do know, is that it had a collection of parchments attached to it, of which at first I couldn't understand in the slightest. Remembering I've also trained in the Arts of Magicks, I used a simple spell, and the meanings of the parchments came to me almost immediately.

The contents of the parchments, however, spoke of lands and peoples I've never even heard of, and as a self-proclaimed explorer of the realms, this grabbed my attention. Whilst I myself cannot think of any way to find more out about these places, I hope that some of the more intelligent minds amongst us can find something. For this reason, I share with you all the contents of these parchments, so that perhaps we may find out more of these lands, and even return these messages to the rightful people. There are five letters in total, and here they all are:


My beloved Rozenwyn,

I am so sorry I was unable to meet you last night as planned as my Gran took a turn for the worse. She seems to be taking the current problems with Caer Aesclinn to heart. It brings back memories about the loss of my ma and da for her, I guess. It is strange, but try as I might I can't quite see their faces any more.

I am worried how she will take it when I tell her that we are going away, but I know that I want to be with you and our bairn. It is hard though as I am all she has and she has looked after me since I was small.

I will be waiting for you tonight at the usual time.

All my love


Dear Kensa,

It was so nice to receive your last letter and hear news from home. As you surmised I am still finding the transition from living at the Dun, to my new surroundings quite a challenge. I just feel completely cut off from all my friends and having Peder's widow Morwenna living with us is a struggle.

Blaen is enjoying his retirement, he seems to have taken to life as a farmer far better than anyone could have imagined and I try to keep my own discomfort from him as this is after all what he has wanted for a long time.

Lately the village has been having some trouble with Caer Aesclinn, sheep rustling, damage to crops, you can imagine the sort of thing. There seems to be a heightened sense of paranoia around here compared even to when we arrived only a few short months ago. We have raised a militia to patrol after dark, Blaen has been asked to take command which has at least shown that the others here see his worth which is some small comfort. He has never been happier! Men!

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.



My Lord Ard Righ, Tiarnan O'Maiolraian

Lord Ruadan of Caer Aesclinn sends greetings and his best wishes for your continued health and long life.

While I give thanks to the Daoine Sidhe for the continued health of my townspeople and for the ever bountiful crops that we have, I must once again express my concern about the people of Rathwiel. As I wrote to you in my last letter, I have long feared that all is not right in Rathwiel, and now I have additional justification for my worries. Just last week one of the villagers returned from a trip to Rathwiel, and he has been heard whispering in the inn about rumors he heard from his cousin about dealings between the people there and what he calls 'the dark ones.' Those from Rathwiel have always been a surly bunch of people, and these rumors give me great concern.

I trust that you will consult with the Brehons and consider carefully how best to deal with this situation.

The townspeople send their best, and we shall be sending some of our best mead when next it is ready.


Ruadan of Caer Aesclinn

Dearest Orla,

It has been over a month since you have been out to Rathwiel to the Silver Spring. Whilst I understand that the route from Dun Glenderry through the forest has been plagued with bandit attacks, Captain Cathal has assured me that the bandit chief has been caught.

Would you consider coming out to the village and raising our lads spirits, this bad feeling with Aesclinn is really starting to hit morale here.

Blessed Be,


Dear Crill,

I hope you are well.

Things have been a nightmare round here lately. The Ankheg population outside of the town seems to have grown. Barely a day goes by when we don't get summoned to arms to rescue one of our cattle from the jaws of those beasts!

The Brehon tell us to stay calm and have showed us ways to tell where they might appear, but everyone is finding reasons to be unavailable for shepherd duties.

I just hope that they move on soon!

Write soon.


So there they are, I'm aware this will avoid the interest of some of you, and I apologise for the large amount of information which alot of you will wish you'd never read. However, for the explorers, and the thinkers amongst you, I hope we can put our heads together, and come up with a possible method of finding this new and mysterious land.

Some days later.....

Whilst wandering the realms earlier, I heard a terrible scream, which echoed across the entire realms. I realisted that it came from the directiopn of Rathowen and went to explore, hoping I wasn't too late. On arriving, all I found was a bloodied corpse. Taking a quick look at the corpse, I noticed a few items. Firstly was a peculiar dark brown pottery water jar with a leather strap. It would hold a good deal of water however it was now cracked and any water which was once inside had long since drained away. The words 'Dun Glenderry' were inscribed on the base of the jar.

As well as this, I found a torn and battered journal, which has clearly been subjected to all weathers. It was in a terrible condition, with most pages utterly smudged and unreadable, whether due to water, dirt or blood I could not tell, but, all of which marred the writing. Despite this, I was able to read the last page.

21st Sumer 55AE
The shadows....the shadows still hunt me in my dreams, never resting, always flickering around my consciousness like moths around a flame, but it is me they try to lure to destruction. ME! Why? Why must they pursue me so far? I have run and run and crossed trackless wastes in my flight north, ever north, but still they pursue me...still they whisper...

8th Lasbin 55AE
It is growing harder. The forests have given way now and I am alone. Alone but for them, echoes of malevolence, whispers of damnation, and every day they toy with me. They let me run, always running, and every day they keep pace with me. Maybe they exist only in my mind, maybe they are the scars SHE left, but could my mind torment me so?

18th Lasbin 55AE
Safe. I am almost safe. Though the mountains are only barely passable and the snows threaten me at every turn, they seem to have been left behind. Only a few more days and I will reach Rathowen and refuge. I must push on!

21st Lasbin 55AE
I didnt know! I DIDNT KNOW! How could I have known? How could I have knowingly entered this hell? They were waiting. And I saw their eyes today, oh such eyes as I have never seen and what was worst was not the pure, unadulterated evil, but the mockery in those eyes. A game. It has all been a game, and I a toy. If I can just keep going, if they do not know how close the town is, maybe I can slip by them when the sun is high, for they slink away at noon.

23rd Lasbin 55AE
Just another hour! I write this as I stop to catch my breath, but they have gone again! If I can just keep going for another few miles I will have.... what was that? Echoes....echoes of a child in torment, echoes of wailing despair! It can't be! Not now......

This has obvious links to the Parchments found on the carrier pigeon, the strongest connection being "Dun Glenderry". Anyone who could enlighten the realms on these odd events would be very welcome. (9th November 2005)

Stamina Regeneration
The way stamina is regained has been changed to benefit mid to high level players.

The stamina regeneration rate now picks up at an increased rate once you have reached a certain level of invigoration, and again for heroes with high degrees of stamina. While does not change the rate at which you move from weary->invigorated but once invigorated and beyond there is a 20% increase in the recovery rate, rising to 40% for heros as they continue to recover.

At high mid levels you will find that if you rest after each fight you will be able to keep going longer, and for heroes we expect that there will be a quite noticable increase in your longevity. But in all cases the benefits apply when you are invigorated to a high degree. If you fight down to exhausted and then go back into combat again as soon as you first reach invigorated you will see little if any benefit at all. (28th September 2005)

Double Wielding
How It Worked Before
Anyone could pick up 2 weapons and wave them about. You need to have enough skill in each to use them single handed, but how skilled you were at
double wielding effected only how often you hit.

What Was Wrong Before
Double wielding only became usable at high levels. From a rogue perspective in particular this was very bad, as one of their key guild abilities was only usable at the sort of levels that everyone else could afford it too.

Why Do We Care?
Because double wielding was useless for low level rogues, exactly the people who should be relying on it. At the same time it was very sick indeed at high levels.

How It Works Now
The penalty you receive for double wielding is now static. Ie you suffer exactly the same penalty to hit as a level 5 with double wielding 25 as you do as a Hero with double wielding 140. The break-even point at which the penalty is the same under the old and new systems is level 21.

Instead double wielding impacts what weapons you may wield in your offhands. In much the same way that you need to be dextrous to wield a more cumbersome weapon in your off hand, you now also need to be skilled in double wielding. To wield a weapon in your off hand you thus now need to have not only the 'normal' skill level in the type of weapon high enough, but also double wielding too.

How Does It Effect Me?
For low to mid level charactrers, and indeed anyone under about level 22 you will see double wielding become more usable. At low levels the change is huge - try it and see ;)

At hero levels you will hit a bit less, but it is expected that by this level you will have other means to help you to increase your damage potential. (12th September 2005)

The northeast Autumn winds have brought a surprise this year. On Godsday the 11th of Gathering the morning was heralded with raven's caws and a tide of black feathers. Is this only be the beginning?
(29th August 2005)

Featured Page
We bring you Swifteye's Elephant Kit page! Find out all about this fantastic resource here. (14th August 2005)

What can it mean?
The little ones are being repressed again! Sure, they're stupid, but
slavery is nothing to sneeze at.
(8th August 2005)

Fairer sex?
There has been word that a group of women warriors has moved into the tropics recently. There have been no confirmed stories as to their purpose there, but suspicions have been aroused. Young adventurers are warned not to go striding forth into areas unknown to them until such a time as the intentions of these women has been revealed.
(7th August 2005)

Mudlympics Come to a Close

After two weeks of serious competing the final results of the 54AE Mudlympic Games are displayed below:

  • Fighters - Gold
  • Rangers - Silver
  • Druids - Bronze

The full break down of who won how many medals can be seen here:

Guild Gold Silver Bronze
Fighter 6 5 1
Ranger 6 2 3
Druid 1 1 1

(30th July 2005)

54AE Council Elections
The Council Elections have closed and a new council elected and placed within the Council Halls in Drakenwood Keep. The Council to keep the laws within the Realms for the next four months is as follows: (29th July 2005)

Guild Name House
Monks: Enoyna Rockbiter Alluminas
Clerics: Gwandon Elsmo None
Fighters: Deluge Tempest None
Druids: Molly Rockbiter Alluminas
Warmages: Sable Wildheart Bloodstone
Rangers: Hawksley Wildheart Bloodstone

Mudlympics Opened
The 54AE Mudlympics have been opened with a formal ceremony held in Brenhaven, Valena. The events will kick off on Sunday 17th July at 8pm (BST) with a Newbie Arena Event held at the Aldersford Arena, Drakenwood. This is open to all players of levels 1 to 5 to decide the Champion of Newbieland.

The full timetable of events occureing in July can be seen below:

Sat 16th Opening Ceremony
Sun 17th Arena Championship (1-5)
Mon 18th Fishing Beginners (1-10)
Tue 19th Arena Championship (6-10)
Wed 20th Fishing Intermediate (11-20)
Thu 21st Arena Championship (11-15)
Fri 22nd Arena Championship (16-20)
Sat 23rd 200m Sprint
Sun 24th 150m Wilderness Chase
Mon 25th Fishing Expert (21-29)
Tue 26h Arena Championship (21-24
Wed 27th Arena Championship (25-29)
Thu 28th Team Relay
Fri 29th Mudlympic Hunt
Sat 30th Team Tribble Hunting
Sun 31st Closing Ceremony

(16th July 2005)

Flaming heck!
The Wizard Gunnar has revealed to Lord Rhaleth that a new mini area has been discovered! Where, he did not say, but he did mention that it is for low-mid levels and is by a 'skeleton resting beneath that which should have been its saviour'. Who knows what was meant.

Initial explorerations have revealed little, but one imparted the following words of advice....Fire can do more than just burn. Some say the flame holds powers unrivaled in this world. A group of people have united behind the flame and have taken haven near fire's most hated enemy. Some say the warmages are behind it all, but no official word has been made. I urge everyone to be wary when playing with fire. There is no telling if those around you may be part of this group. They love fire. (15th July 2005)

In with the new
Gunnar, Luni, Oriel, Rosmerta and Tess have joined the Wizard Ranks as new Apprentices. Leaving behind their playing days they will now focus on helping to develop Elephant Mud. We welcome all five of them and are sure that they will all be a great benefit to the Wizard team. (8th July 2005)

The art of receiving
We have changed the way that giving items works on Elephant Mud:

How It Worked Before
Previously anyone could give an item to anyone else at any time. The person having the item given to them had no say in the matter.

What Was Wrong Before
It could be misused to give people items they would not possibly wish to
take. We have see this used to give people crud to encumber them, heated items (long ago!), dangerous items etc

How It Works Now
If you type 'give allow' you will see all people who may give items to you.
By default this is 'Nobody'. If you wish to allow someone to give you an item, you need only type 'give allow <name>', eg 'give allow fred' to allow Fred to give you items.

You can set up whether you'd like things from friends/guild/family/house etc at any time and these people will always be able to give you things.
(19th April 2005)

In your sights
A new command has been created called 'target'. This will allow you to
target a specific creature when in combat with multiple foes. Beware
though - when targeting all your attacks upon a single enemy, all other
foes in the room will find it slightly easier to hit you!
(15th March 2005)

Have Your Say
Yes, you heard right! We want to know your thoughts on Ele. So, if you have a character and want to join in, check out our brand new questionnaire at https://www.elephant.org/adventurers/! (12th Feb 2005)

Movers and Shakers
It is with great pride that we inform you that Dval has been promoted to the highly respected rank of Mentor Wizard and Handy has made the signifcant shift to Senior Wizard. Congratulations and thank yous to them both for their success and hard work! (12th Feb 2005)

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