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Welcome to our Featured Player Website page. The currently featured website belongs to one Bolen Whitehoof.

Bolen describes himself as a member of the Brethen of Feng Shou Order of the Monks of Drakenwood. He is also a devote follower of Themis, goddess of peace, and commits himself to achieving her goals.

He hails from far distant lands but set out to adventure and find his true path in life. His explorations eventually took him to the Omanii desert and into the Withered Peaks, which against all odds, he bested, only to collapse on the Great Western Highway. Luckily he was rescued by the Monks of the Drakenwood Monastry and nursed back to health. He has been there ever since.

Bolen's website encourages you to submit your own stories, gossip, trivia, advice etc via a web form. You can also find out more about Bolen and the family Whitehoof ans the Monk guild includinga useful guide to Robes. The site also offers a valuable resource on the Families and Houses of the Realms, Wedding logs, past newspapers, Council news and much more. It's well worth checking out!

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