Interview with who? - Azazel the unleavened

Interview with whom?
Azazel is an Arch who keeps himself to himself and the shadows. He is a Warmage through and through, but despite his obvious affinty with the 'dark side' he is one of Larnen's closest aides. A member of Admin, Azazel has been a part of ele for just over ten years, however what he has actually done during that time remains to be seen!

I was given the nervous task of interviewing this private Elf and endeavouring to find out what lies beneath the clotted shadows. Trying not to look at his pallid hands, I put the following questions to him, and found out that he's really not a bad chap ... when the sun is shining anyway!


What is Azazel like?
Me. :P

How are you supposed to pronounce your name?
Ha ha. I've always pronounced it a-ZA-zel, although I've noticed that everyone else seems to favour A-za-zel. To be honest, I'm not that fussed.

How do you spend your spare time when you're not on Elephant MUD?
With friends or with my nose in a book.

What is your favourite music?
My tastes are fairly eclectic. I'm a slightly reformed Goth but I'm also fond of some dance music and a fair bit of classical and baroque.

How did you get into Elephant MUD?
After school, Larnen and I went to different universities and, because he is incredibly slack, keeping in touch proved difficult until he told me about the Internet (this was in 1992). 'Get an e-mail address,' he said. 'A what?' I replied. He explained and I did. He also introduced me to MUDs through one called UglyMug. The following year, when he decided to set up Ele, he asked me if I wanted to get involved.

Interview with Azazel: Part 2
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